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by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
Before going out every day, pretty girls with makeup brush go out on a simple make-up, opened a brand new day. Why use makeup brush, because it can be faster and more good, more fit to help us at the same time. But if makeup brush tools do not pay attention to cleaning and maintenance may harm oh. Often hear someone say, so-and-so makeup brush is very good, but I use a live long blain blain? Perhaps, is not a cosmetic fault, but your makeup brush. If makeup brush for a long time not to clean, not only can appear the phenomenon of float pink, and the use of cosmetics will not color. At the same time in makeup brush bristles may contain a lot of dust or bacteria and the impurities in the air, and finely hair will hide in the inside, so do not cause harm to the skin just strange. So when think makeup brush brush head is a bit thick, soft brush is not enough, should be to wash. May not need to buy a special cleaning tools, use a small utility daily can tidy up, the key is to develop good habits. Animal wool brush can clean with shampoo. Man-made fibers can use special makeup brush cleaner, such as cleaning spray, makeup brush to clean the dew and so on. Along the direction of the brush gently wipes, knead crowded, and then rinse clean with water. Want to be the beautiful girl must first have the habit of love clean, often maintain the cleanliness of the makeup brush tool, can let oneself have a good makeup tools, and then to have a pretty face.
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