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Makeup brush usually can use how long? | make up brush - knowledge Dongguan MHLAN cosmetic appliance co. , LTD

by:MHLAN     2020-10-02
Makeup brushes can use how long? Before, bought a lot of brush, animal hair, wool fiber has, with the number of times is not much, also didn't how much clean, want to use this time, still can use? Make-up brush is every woman should tool, but also has the service life of the cosmetic brush, then about makeup brush can use how long, said the below small make up for everybody said. Without the makeup brush, after cleaning, preserved or receive a classified in oh ~ or it will damage the makeup brushes. As for can also use, wash out under the first, look at the softness of the brush after dry and catch powder is also ok. Or you can also buy cosmetic brush. Generally the service life of the cosmetic brush is a year or so. Can prepare some more cost effective the bristles and soft brushes, wool fiber material is good, fiber hair brush is very soft and comfortable, grasp the powder is good. Makeup brush cleaning and maintenance: usually make up brush after use, daily cleaning is done with cold water, or use some mild cleanser, or makeup brush detergent for cleaning brush head. If is animal hair, or more delicate, can be used to Johnson's baby shampoo, or soap also can, because there will be a set of grease inside, it is not easy to let the brush hair blow hair. Cooperate with cleaning tools will be more convenient point, such as scrubbing pad, is bigger, the brush more cases, this also is very convenient to wash, according to different brushes, will have different texture block division, will be more carefully. Beginner's words with two fingers with a sort of that kind of very small can also, wash eggs. Brush basic it is looped ways to clean, such ability can wash cleaner, but the action is a need to gentle, not too strong! If an animal hair brush, discriminatory, remember to use at ordinary times you use the brush to determine the direction you wash the direction of the child, that is to say, before and after grooming brush with one-way, two-way ( Is not one to follow the hair streams to ensure in one direction, it is not easy to blow hair) 。 When they have to wash brush head down, the water from the top down. If the brush up or the whole brush washing in the water, what do you think you wash very clean, but actually it is easy to leave water to brush and brush bar connection, so the wooden brush handle will be easy to crack. After water rinse, soft cotton cloth to wipe again, on the one hand is to ensure that there is no makeup on clean the residual, on the other hand can absorb excess water, dry faster. But remember to brush in the hair a direction well, it's not easy to blow hair. Finally the air dry. In a cool and ventilated place, do not insolate. Can use dry brush, after clean, brush handle, brush with upside down in a cool, ventilated place dry, wait it dry naturally. If is some shading brush or relatively loose brush, find a little Fried hair washing? It doesn't matter, condom use protection, or the same as the original after dried.
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