Makeup brush with bristle head, bristle holder, outer tube and bristle cap

by:MHLAN     2021-10-06
At present, there are many types of cosmetics, including cosmetic brushes. There is a cosmetic brush, in order to keep the bristles clean, a bristle cap is worn on the bristle head, but the bristles are often broken during the process of wearing the cap; in addition, a separate powder box is often required during use, which brings inconvenience to the user. The purpose of the utility model is to design a makeup brush, which adds a slip tube for makeup protection hair between the brush handle jacket and the bristles, and at the same time makes the brush handle become a powder box, which not only protects the bristles, but also facilitates the user. The technical proposal of the utility model: a cosmetic brush, comprising a bristle head, a bristle holder, an outer sleeve and a bristle cap, characterized in that the bristle head holder is equipped with a powder conveying tube t powder conveying nozzle and bristle The bottom end of the head base is flat, the hair seat tube is covered with a makeup hair slip tube, the hair head seat tube has a convex edge that limits the hair slip tube, and the end of the hair slip tube is also connected to the hair head seat. The ribs on the outside of the tube interact with the limiting protrusions; the outer edge of the protective hair slip sleeve has ribs restricting the outer tube and the bristle cap, and the outer sleeve is slidingly fitted and sleeved on the outside of the hair slip sleeve, A powder cartridge tube with a powder outlet hole at the end is matedly connected with the hair socket of the powder delivery tube. The outer end sealing cap connected inside the tail end of the box tube is placed at the bottom end of the brush and has the same radius as the outer sleeve; the bristle cap is inserted outside the protective hair slip sleeve. The above-mentioned outer end cap connected to the inner end of the powder cartridge tube can be a threaded connection. It can also be a tight-fit connection. The diameter of the two ends of the outer sleeve may be slightly different. The method of use of the utility model is as follows: when using, remove the bristle cap and use the bristle head angle downward to make the cosmetic powder in the powder box tube with powder outlet at one end shake out along the bristle brush head for the user After use and after use, gently pull the bristles of the protective hair slip tube to gather the bristles in the tube. At this time, put on the bristle cap and push the bristle cap to the end of the handle, then the bristle cap will protect the makeup bristles. The sliding sleeve is pushed between the outer sleeve and the powder box tube. When the limit of the makeup-protecting hair sleeve protruding against the outer sleeve, the brush completes the storing action. Since the outer end cap connected to the inner end of the powder cartridge tube is connected, the makeup powder can be added as needed.
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