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Makeup brush with coating function

by:MHLAN     2021-08-26
Another object of the present invention is to provide a method for manufacturing the brush of the present invention, the method is characterized in that it includes the following steps: (1) manufacturing a green brush, the green brush includes a straight rod, the rod Determine a main axis xx; a flexible core, the flexible core determines the length of the friendship brush, the core includes a first end and a second end, the first end is fixed to the rod Above, the core is linear and aligned with the rod, and bristles are inserted radially in the core, and the ends of the bristles determine the envelope surface of the green brush. (2) Trim the bristles of the green brush so that the envelope surface of the brush has an elongated cross-section in the direction of the axis z-z of the maximum length over at least the length of the brush. (3) Twist the core on a plane perpendicular to the straight line z-z of the maximum length and make it pass through the rod. As a preferred option, in the fourth step: (4) Perform a second twist on the end of the core fixed on the rod, so that the second end of the core and the spindle Line xx is aligned. As a preferred option, in performing steps (1) and (2), the core is positioned at its center relative to the flat surface of the straight trimmed brush. As a preferred option, the green brush is trimmed so that the envelope surface has an elongated cross-section over at least 50% and preferably 75% of its length. In a preferred embodiment, this step (3) is performed so that a substantially circular main twist can be performed on the core. In addition, the bristles of the brush of the present invention can be various types of bristles: bristles of various lengths, bristles of various diameters, or bristles of various cross-sections, and bristles of various materials. The bristles or bristles in the shape of hair clips, or bristles that have undergone any type of treatment process familiar to those skilled in the art. In the present invention, it is specified that the brush includes alternating rows of short and long bristles, and only the long row of bristles determines the envelope surface of the brush. This alternative form of the present invention makes it possible to use the present invention. The brush enhances the application of eyelashes during makeup. According to the technical teaching of French patent FR-A-27001198, the method of twisting the two branch wires of the metal wire in a spiral shape to form the core is just like the customary practice of making cosmetic brushes. Left-hand twisting Wan type advance. In order to manufacture a brush with a left-hand twisting method, the branch line of the core is rotated to the left and twisted so as to form a circle that rotates clockwise around the core in the universal direction from the rod to the end of the play. Another object of the present invention is to provide a makeup device. As mentioned above, the makeup device includes the most invented brush, and also includes a mascara container and a mascara applicator. Because of its special shape, when the brush passes through a twisting device, it can tighten its sides well, while the degree of tightening of its flat surface is less. Specifically, the flat surface is symmetrical according to its curvature. The special feature of ground tension allows users to apply makeup with different concentrations and strengths according to which flat surface they use along the entire length of the eye and face. The flexibility of the bristles and the flexibility of the core rod can be modified to increase or decrease the degree of tightness of the brush. In order to make it easier to understand the subject matter of the present invention, several brushes with the characteristics of the present invention will be described below by way of examples. Figures 1, 1A and 2A are perspective views of a green brush that can be used to make the brush of the present invention. Figures 1B and 2B are perspective views of the brushes after trimming the green brush shown in Figures 1A and 2A through step (2) in the method of the present invention. Figures 1c and 2C are cross-sectional views taken along the line 1C-1C and 2C-2C of the brush shown in Figures 1B and 2B.
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