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Makeup brushes: what are the tips for novice eye makeup brushes

by:MHLAN     2021-09-23
What are the tips for the novice eye makeup brush? 1. Oblique eyeliner brush: The director of Si Zhihu has written an article on how to draw eyeliner. How can I draw eyeliner? It mentioned that the inner eyeliner and the outer eyeliner must be drawn separately! But how can the hand-cancelled star perfectly draw the beautiful outer eye line in the corner of the eye? Relying on eyeliner or liquid eyeliner is a bit difficult for makeup Xiaobai. Especially if you want to paint the most popular Mei Niang makeup nowadays, you must use the angled eyeliner brush. Choose the brush as small as possible, (the smaller the price, the cheaper!), you can accurately outline the charming eye ends. You can either apply eyeliner or dip the darkest color of the eye shadow to outline the outer eyeliner. Do not dip too much each time, and then you can easily pull out the eyeliner. Especially this kind of long eyeliner cannot be too soft due to the brushing force of the eyeliner, and do not grab too much eyeliner paste at a time, so it is usually made of synthetic material, and the price is also Not expensive. 2. Eyebrow brush: Take the popular eyebrow powder kate as a demonstration of the two brushes, which one do you think will be more comfortable? Especially for the broken eyebrow stars who need to outline the shape of the eyebrows, it is very difficult to use a small chalk-sized brush. Here is another Guizi brand, Maruitang, Hong Kong sasa, and Taobao also purchase. All kinds of brushes are made of artificial fibers, and they only cost more than ten or twenty yuan. It is suitable for those who don’t have enough rice in their pockets. Although the eyebrow brushes are also oblique. Angled, but it is one size bigger than the angled eyeliner brush, and the density of the hair is looser. It must be able to grasp the powder and also have the strength to color. Usually, 猸子毛 is used. Of course, the housekeeper can also use an oblique angle brush as both an eyeliner brush and an eyebrow brush. 3. Eyeshadow brush: To draw eyeshadow that does not appear dirty, technique and tools are equally important. Generally speaking, you only need to prepare two or three eye shadow brushes to create a commuter outfit. Let us once again ask the backbone of kate to reshape the eye shadow BR-6: The large eye shadow brush is used to make the base and sweep the highlights. In part, another blending brush can make the eyeshadow softer and more natural, and it is also an important step to create a small smoky effect. It’s important to use the smudge brush to superimpose the second layer of color or to deepen the end of the eyes. Eyeshadow brushes have higher requirements for powder gripping, and generally use animal hair materials such as wool or squirrel hair. In addition to the expensive brushes from the counters, there are two ways for you to find cheap and good-quality brushes, one is the domestic knock-off brush mentioned in the previous issue, and the other is the original brush. For example, japonesque is an American make-up brand, and the original order can be found on a certain treasure. Generally, the unpopular brand is unlikely to be faked. And choosing the right brush type is the most important.
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