Makeup brushes: What is the difference between the methods of using different types of makeup brushes?

by:MHLAN     2021-10-02
What is the difference between the different types of makeup brushes? 1. Flat makeup brushes. Flat makeup brushes can also be used as loose powder brushes. Flat makeup brushes have only become popular for a few years. MMs with good skin can use this Loose powder, the makeup on this flat-mouth makeup brush will be thinner than traditional makeup brushes because of its sparse bristles. Like powder, blusher, highlighter, you can use this to brush. The effect is great. 2. The oblique makeup brush is generally used for oblique blush, and also for contouring. Because of its oblique angle, it can make the color more line-like, and it can also take into account the arc. When using it to blush, brush more obliquely from the temple to the cheekbones-MM with high cheekbones should be used with caution. 3. Flat-head foundation brush (large) Flat-head foundation brush is the most common and traditional. The good thing about this kind of foundation brush is that it can be used to mix things, for example, your acne marks and freckles are obvious. Use It takes a lot of patience to apply it carefully from the center of the face to both sides, especially the nose and corners of the eyes. Don't take too much each time, you can brush the smoothest powder makeup. Features: wide and flat body, high brush density, can make the most martial arts makeup with the thinnest and translucent technique. 4. Flat-head foundation brush (small) This small, flat-head foundation brush is usually used on some delicate areas, such as the corners of the eyes and the wings of the nose. It can also be used to apply creamy highlights and shadows. If the brush head is too small, it is slow to put on makeup and it is easy to have brush marks. 5. The inside of the round-head foundation brush and the oblique flat foundation brush does not require skill to use, and it is not easy to have drag marks. For girls with better skin, you can use this brush to give a thin and sticky makeup effect. But it is not recommended for girls whose skin surface is not smooth enough. When using the round-head foundation brush, the brush is perpendicular to the face. After applying the liquid foundation with your fingers, slowly push the liquid foundation away in a circular motion. Of course, you can also use it to brush powder foundation or the like. 6. Concealer brushes Concealer brushes are all fiber hair, not animal hair, so it is easier to clean. The bristles are flat and the size of the bristles is about the same as the nail cover of the index finger or little finger. The specific usage is divided into different sizes. The larger one is suitable for uneven spots, and the smaller one is suitable for acne marks. Gradually move from the middle of the patch to both sides, and push it evenly in a slight spiral manner. Ma Ma no longer has to worry about me going out with a flawed face. Features: flat, moderate brush hardness. 7. Cone eye shadow brush The cone eye shadow brush, because its bristles are loose, can be used to make the effect of blooming, remove the boundary of the eye shadow, and make the natural excessive effect. There are many types of eyeshadow brushes of different sizes, which are suitable for different places. Larger eyeshadow brushes are more suitable for large areas of color. Of course, the smaller ones are suitable for the treatment of detailed parts. The shape of the brush head is pointed, which is also very suitable for some delicate places, such as deepening the color of the eye socket and the tail of the eye. Features: oval shape. The softer the hair, the more docile the eye makeup will be. There are different sizes and different sizes are used according to the individual eye shape. 8. Repairing brushes. Most of the repairing brushes are in the shape of beveled or small round head, depending on personal preference. I prefer the bevel contouring brush because the bevel shape fits the curve of the face better. Contour brushes are generally less elastic and can naturally grab powder. 9. High-gloss brush. The high-gloss brush has a small round head and should not be too large. When using it, apply the high-gloss powder to the area that needs high-gloss on the face. This brush is named contour brush. I like bevels for contouring, so I used this brush for highlights. The size is right, don't choose too big a highlight brush, after all, the highlight area is not large, unless you want to brush the entire face.
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