Makeup skills

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
For eye makeup, you should choose a makeup pen with moderate softness; for lips, it is best to use a harder pen core, so that the makeup will last longer.

The pencil used for drawing eyebrows should be harder, so that you can draw a clear, slender, long-lasting eyebrow line.

Make-up pens for eyelid repairs should not be made with soft cores.

When the tip of the makeup pen is too dry, heat it up and apply it on the back of your hand repeatedly. If the makeup pen is too oily, you can dip the pen core into the loose powder.

It is used to draw outlines and outline the edges. It can be used as thin strips. For example, when drawing a lip line, it can be used to fill in the space and make the color consistent. The tip of the makeup pen should be sharpened into a wide strip for use. If you want to make the makeup pen easy to cut and not break easily, you can put the makeup pen in the refrigerator before use.

If the pen core becomes soft, you can use the torch of a lighter to bake the pen core for a while, or touch the pen core a few times on the surface of the thermoelectric bulb to harden it.

Make sure to put on a cover when the cosmetic pen is not in use to maintain a smooth and perfect nib shape.
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