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by:MHLAN     2021-10-03
Makeup requires not only good cosmetics, but make-up tools are also essential to complete a perfect makeup. There are many make-up tools on the market. The sponge beautifying egg that has only become popular this year is one of them. This kind of make-up tool is now highly respected by everyone. It can make the isolation cream and foundation fit the skin. Under the impact of sponge beauty eggs, the sales of traditional makeup tools and makeup brushes have begun to decline, and not many people use makeup brushes. The beauty egg is suitable for people with poor skin quality, large pores, and acne. However, because it is a sponge, it has the function of adsorbing things and may absorb powder. In many cases, after applying liquid foundation and isolation cream on the face, and then spreading it out with a makeup egg, you will find that there is not much makeup left on the face and there is no makeup effect, but there is more on the makeup egg. A layer of powder is formed because the liquid foundation and barrier cream have been absorbed by them. Make-up brushes can avoid this situation. If you don't want your cosmetics to be consumed faster, then choosing a makeup brush as a makeup tool is the best. Makeup brushes are more suitable for powdered cosmetics, such as eye shadow powder, foundation, powder, and blush. There are many types of makeup brushes for different cosmetics, so there is a set of makeup brushes instead of one. Makeup brushes mainly look at the bristles. A good makeup feel requires a lot of brush hair. However, the quality of the bristles of the makeup brushes on the market is different. There are nylon, man-made fibers, and the best is natural animal hair. Among them, most people use wool and the price is reasonable. . With different hairs, the price of makeup brushes is also different.
In the past few decades, best brush to apply blush production has increased because of the use of best foundation brush for dry skin.
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