Prevents the bristles from being contaminated, and makes the matching of the brush and makeup powder very convenient

by:MHLAN     2021-10-04
At present, there are various types of makeup brushes used in makeup, but there are bristles that are easy to contaminate, and the bristles are easy to break when capped, which causes inconvenience to users. In addition, makeup brushes are often used in conjunction with makeup powder. Make-up powder should be carried, which also brings trouble to users. The purpose of the utility model is to provide a cosmetic brush, which ingeniously solves the above-mentioned problems, not only prevents the bristles from being polluted, but also makes the matching of the brush and the makeup powder very convenient to use. It is a very practical new cosmetic appliance. The technical scheme of the utility model. A cosmetic brush, including a bristle head, characterized in that it is composed of a brush cover, an inner tube, a sliding tube, an outer tube and a pressurizer, and the inner tube is a hollow tube , One end is equipped with a bristle head, and the other end is detachably connected with the pressurizer; the sliding fence set is connected in a sliding fit outside the inner cylinder, and the sliding cylinder is adjacent to the bristle head. Outside the sliding cylinder, the head end has a connecting boss for connecting the brush cover, and the tail end is also tightly connected with the outer cover of the pressurizer. The inner cylinder is equipped with a sponge pad where the bristle head is connected, and there is a channel connected to the inner cylinder. Similar to the bristle head, the outer diameter of the brush cover is the same as that of the outer cylinder, and its connecting outer cylinder end has a connecting concave platform, and the connecting concave platform is tightly connected with the connecting convex platform of the outer cylinder, and the bristle head end of the sliding cylinder is limited The convex outer diameter is larger than the inner diameter of the coupling concave platform of the brush cover. The above-mentioned pressurizer is composed of an air exchange device, a large spring. The air exchange device is composed of a rubber tube and a button. The air exchange device is a cap-shaped structure with a Zhongkui tube. The outer end of the hollow tube is tightly connected to a vent tube. The hollow valve tube and the vent tube are equipped with a small spring and a small ball. There is a sealing gasket at the rear end H of the small ball. The rear end of the air exchange device is tightly connected to the outer cover of the pressurizer. A large spring, a rubber tube and a button are arranged between the air exchange device and the outer cover. The button is exposed outside the outer cover and The cover and the button are installed in a limited position. The above-mentioned detachable connection between the inner cylinder and the pressurizer can be a mutual internal and external threaded connection, or a tight-fit connection. The above-mentioned sliding fitting connection between the inner cylinder and the sliding cylinder can be based on the sliding groove on the outer circumference of the inner cylinder, the sliding protrusion on the inner circumference F of the sliding cylinder, and the friction between the sliding track on the outer circumference of the inner cylinder and the inner circumference of the sliding cylinder. The film is composed.
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