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by:MHLAN     2020-10-03
West or with their own comfortable give priority to, cheek is red brush honey redundant float pink paint used to sweep off face, is the largest of makeup brush a brush, its texture is soft, do not stimulate the skin. Points are: from the shape of conical honey paint, easy to handle detail parts of the face; Round sweet stucco, dip in powder amount is much, easy, make-up brush feel fluffy and very suitable for full face; Sweet stucco sector, has the best accuracy, sideways to play the powder of large area, tilted can play with highlights details such as vertical with can handle the nose area. Not necessarily must the brushes can only do, what do you want to use will be how to use, but the brush is change from them. Selection of makeup brush: bottom brush will choose flat or tongue, but the tongue type demanding cosmetic technology, easy to leave the brush marks, and because the makeup fast enough, foundation on the face to do. 'flat, therefore, more convenient, more simple, in the use of flat tools: concealer brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow pencil, paint is also essential, cheek is red brush visually identify: good cosmetics should bright color, elegant is downy. If found the color dark dirty, shades, then there is something wrong with the quality. If the appearance of turbidity, oil/water separation or floc, paste drying shrinkage crack, cannot use. More than paint in the last part of the colour makeup is used to remove more than dust and debris, can also be under the eyes, blocking out parts, to prevent eye shadow powder drops to the face and affect the makeup look. Hope can help to you. What makeup brush hair is better, makeup brush MAO we can be divided into two kinds, one kind is artificial brush, don't type is animal fur, badger hair in the animal hair, horse tail hair, goat hair, sable hair and squirrel hair belong to the finest makeup brush, and the price is more expensive. Artificial wool fiber and nylon hair, hair because of animals on itself with the naked eye cannot see number of barb, cheek is red eye shadow brush brush directly decide on after effect, and different size, texture of eye shadow brush each has different function and effect, so the eye shadow brush is size of most species in the makeup brush. Large eye shadow brush is mainly used for large-area sweep eye shadow powder, medium eye shadow brush can be more detailed modification in the eyes, small eye shadow pertaining to eye ministry outline, draw the outline of clear lines, help better fulfill delicate makeup look, strengthen painted in the eyes a detail parts, such as the eyelashes and lower eyelid emphasize color etc. So stop, ability is better, also there are a lot of powder brush brush specially made fiber. Animal hair generally divided into small horse hair, mink fur, wool, coarse light wool, fine light wool, fine light wool mixed squirrel hair, squirrel squirrel hair and so on. One of the top of the bristles should belong to grey squirrel fur, the brush is soft and stop, high power. Secondly to belong to the fine
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