Shantou cheek is red brush - quotation MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-09-30
Easy to locate position shot in the shadows. Above repair less a few times, but on the ratio of wool, such as we need to do a fine light peak and squirrel hair brush made of in proportion, the ratio of wool will by fabric supplier. Most system brush factory ratio of wool are outsourced to fabric supplier or match the master to do hair, but she xiang li a professional chef in charge of the process. 2. Wool production ( Pocket spring type) Choose and ratio determine later, MAO MAO to the desktop, and then in a clear spring type container cheek is red brush and dizziness should clean, otherwise it will make the makeup is very dirty, can also according to your own face shape to choose the appropriate repair methods, every facial repair focus can be different. Make-up brush is our commonly used tools, especially the colour makeup brushes can use the fast and good makeup, but because of the makeup brush set is like the same, just doesn't make up a lip brush head is flat, cheek is red brush makeup brush is basically use the animals such as wool, horse hair true hair, synthetic hair can be used according to the custom requirement. Wool ( The best thin light peak around 1800 yuan a kilogram) , horse hair, 200 - 400 yuan a kilogram) , squirrel hair ( 10000 yuan a kilogram) , mink ( 10000 to about 20000 2 kg) Such as the true maomao. 1. Screening and formula of wool fabric supplier of the Lin has a stable and long-term cooperation, from the price and quality have a certain point. Made from lip brush with top yellow Wolf tail hair, more precise outline of lip, let double lip colour more full uniform, build a three-dimensional contour. A good makeup cheek is red brush brush can make the cheeks pink is tender nature, natural high quality foot a round white tip pure wool handmade brush head is easily the best choice of the natural look. Cheek is red brush touch soft and delicate, the brush dips in proper amount after blush pink light dump, because itself with many animal wool to the naked eye can't see the barb, cheek is red brush brush round head, I'd prefer to call this kind of pink brush & other Polishing brush & throughout; 。 Brush, of course, round head, after all, is a kind of foundation brush, thanks to its thick fine brush, same for the liquid cream foundation is also no problem, but compared with the ordinary flat brush, not suitable for open, daub and poke, poke, poke, loop it more suitable to the form of makeup. So stop, ability is better, there are also many powder brush brush specially made fiber. Animal hair generally divided into small horse hair, mink fur, wool, coarse light wool, fine light wool, fine light wool mixed squirrel hair, squirrel squirrel hair and so on. One of the top of the bristles should belong to grey squirrel fur, the brush is soft and stop, high power. Secondly to belong to the fine
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