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by:MHLAN     2020-09-30
Easy to locate position shot in the shadows. Repair a few times, a little on your lip color difference is more important is to use a lip brush lipstick more nimble, color will be more evenly, careful. Powder brush brush brush main purpose lies in the foundation foundation, it is because of pink brush has typed foundation will more deeply. Whether use finger or powder puff, hard to avoid contamination on the fingers, the fluid foundation and this is part of the main reasons for the change with liquid foundation brush eye shadow brush can make eyeliner and eye, eye shadow brush eyebrow eye shadow part under fully mix, sweet stucco and dizziness should clean, otherwise it will make the makeup is very dirty, can also according to your own face shape to choose the appropriate repair methods, every facial repair focus can be different. Make-up brush is our commonly used tools, especially the colour makeup brushes can use the fast and good makeup, but because of the makeup brush set is like the same, not only for the sake of high performance/price ratio, and good effect has been a favorite, sweet stucco but on the ratio of wool, such as we need to do a fine light peak and squirrel hair brush made of in proportion, the ratio of wool will shall be the responsibility of the fabric supplier. Most system brush factory ratio of wool are outsourced to fabric supplier or match the master to do hair, but she xiang li a professional chef in charge of the process. 2. Wool production ( Pocket spring type) Choose ratio and determine later, MAO MAO to the desktop, and then in a clear spring to finalize the design on the container if it is in accordance with the quality and effect of animal hair, what is the most important is to look at the use of cosmetics such as foundation, powder, such as animal hair natural defect barb caught powder more even. Sable: are the ultimate in brush, soft moderate; Horse hair: the quality of a material is harder than goat hair, much as eye shadow brush. Goats: for the most common brush, texture is soft and durable; Squirrel: MAO after makeup brush to clean, brush smooth, brush brush, paint based on skin color: honey choose cosmetics such as lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, nail polish, must be in harmony with the own color depth. Skin color is white people, should be chosen with sunscreen cosmetics. According to the season, different season, the use of cosmetics is also different. In the cold season, appropriate chooses nourishing, moisturizing cosmetics being strong of performance, and in the summer, appropriate chooses the emulsion or powder cosmetics. The brush from the brush handle the top vertical insert brush holder screens, dried in a cool ventilated place, such as it dry naturally. How about makeup brush cleaning small make up have introduced a lot of, including common makeup brush to clean and putting on makeup brush set cleaning method, content is still very fresh today oh, want to be able to help to you. Cosmetic brush, such as
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