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by:MHLAN     2020-09-30
Flat, until completely dry. After cleaning brushes, cosmetic brush set if the most basic, the most compact, three brush it for you, a medium eye shadow brush, one cheek is red brush, powder ( Sweet stucco) ; Usually in addition to these, also need a foundation brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush, concealer brush, eyebrow brush, eye shadow brush three, best used to render, stacks of color and shading, small do local stresses, almost on these to make them dry naturally. Don't use a hair dryer or drying in the sun, otherwise it will damage the material. Don't erect in the cup to dry, because the center of gravity will be run to wet the edges of the brush, the brush after drying out of shape. After washing, you can also use protect hair vegetable soak and flushing, it makes the brush more soft. Warm water and detergent cleaning method: 1, before cleaning, will make up brush to soak in warm water, 3 d face in an instant. Makeup honey honey paint painting than powder puff effect more natural and downy, make-up brush set brush is not as soft as possible, not stop, force, the better. Must be hard to coloring, such as eyebrow brush brush brush weak need to stop, don't monkey butt. Son under the warm water wash brush bristles to avoid water to handle at the bottom of the metal buckle, otherwise it may damage the bristles glue stick together. Flush until the flush out most clinging cosmetics. Eyes of commonly used modification brush is mainly used to modify the eye contour, adjust the eye shape the main set of brush tools. To paint more evenly pressed, do calm makeup make colour makeup is more harmonious. Should be paid attention to when choosing sweet stucco high-quality natural pure wool brush, wool quantity thick plump for beautiful, pure manual wool sweet stucco excellent tactility and strong grasp the powder, the shortest time make easily delicate makeup look. Fine makeup concealer brush this brush is used for fine fan, and high degree of block defect of skin, can use the foundation brush gently point pressure in the flaw. Makeup brush set brush rod material and line design, has a great influence on the grip and feel will, is to choose foundation brush can't ignore. More common materials include bamboo, wood, metal, acrylic. 。 。 Wood or bamboo relative weight will be heavier than man-made materials, have qualitative feeling more grip. Type toothbrush a brush holder for the good work, good grip and effort, you can easily foundation on face evenly away ~ 3, concealer brush concealer brush mainly for the block defect effect of local defects, at the same time also can make the whole makeup look more soft and perfect. In view of the block defect or red blain blain blain to imprint, generally it is recommended to use round brush block defect. And some of the red blood silk or is the color of skin, it is recommended to use square concealer brush for a large area of shading cover. The eye black rim of the eye concealer,
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