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by:MHLAN     2020-09-30
At the end of the stain. If so, repeat the above steps. Sweet stucco but, how to choose a good foundation brush, is also a century difficult problem! Brush is good, see the brush head, mouth tube, the center of the brush handle ~ quality foundation brush brush the longest, outside the bristles shorter in a circle, a trapezoid. Density rich thick brush, can make the foundation clingy skin, conceal flaws, and the ability to easily open foundation brush. 5, squeeze out water, with a clean paper towel clean water, and dried flat on paper. What brand of 'good' make-up brush science to teach you how to choose brush, choose the make-up brush we know first brush material characteristics, make-up I wool and animal hair, fiber hair cheaper price, animal hair more expensive, but no better what kind of hair, very useful and good quality of nylon fiber brush, the characteristics of the fiber brush is easy to maintain, sweet stucco hold down wood tent card inside the box machine, vertical downward soak. Wooden paint again soak finished, will remove the air drying, paint smell will fade, then coloured lacquer on 7 - over and over again 8 times, to complete the process. 5. Makeup handle above lacquer ( Paint - soak Transparent paint) Finally a coloured lacquer dry, began on transparent paint, transparent paint 2 - at the meeting Three times, the machine working procedure such as consistent with coloured lacquer painting. Second, make up brush wool brush hardness and elasticity is moderate. 3, as for the light, thin light brush is more soft, are not many, also is the wool. Of course, there are some brands of large eye shadow brush can be used as a local cheek is red brush, now South Korea is also popular small cheek is red brush, because more accurate, may become a popular trend in the future. What about makeup brush Mao Guangfeng wool, thick light wool, fine light wool mixed squirrel hair of this series. Sweet stucco choose cosmetics is the most important is to see the quality is guaranteed. Generally choose factory, famous brand of cosmetics is better, because of factory equipment, products with high standard and quality assured, and brand-name products in general is trustworthy products, safe to use. Can't buy without manufacturers and marks of cosmetics goods, at the same time pay attention to the product without inspection certificate and production permit, in case of counterfeit. Followed by wool, little horse hair, mink fur series. Mink fur generally do eye shadow brush, commonly used for large area and wool brush, such as the cheek red brush brush, shadow brush, silhouette, powder paint and so on. Judge makeup brush brush is the key to the quality of a material, synthetic hair feel hard, difficult to brush color uniform, but it is durable and convenient cleaning. But some
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