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Shenzhen honey - paint supply MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-10-03
Head has a different purpose. Eyebrow paint can be classified as three types of toothbrushes sweet stucco 4, nose two side pore is bulky cheek area, can use a flat brush again fill in the form of dab press, to achieve the effect of pile foundation. 5,NG:30° Remember, if the Angle is too big or too small, flat brush and skin are easy to form a brush mark on the face. The second foundation brush type is flat round brush bristles and is characterized by more thicker, tail cut flat. , helical and bevel type. Lip brush using a lip brush can make the lip contour of clear, lipstick colour and lustre is uniform. Lip brush selection should be qualitative and hard moderate, wool quantity in rail as well. Brush hair too soft lips lipstick is difficult to control weight, fuzzy and not sure the lip line, of course, is the whole makeup look glamorous failure. Makeup brush it is necessary to buy expensive? , if is a professional powder are not many, every time so color easy to hold, honey now paint brush tube mouth is based on material of aluminum, aluminum of high strength, good plasticity, can firmly hold the brush. Foundation brush brush maomao quantity is rich, contrast aluminum pipe, copper pipe can pressure the bristles, let the bristles tight, more delicate make-up. Nozzle note glue is also worth attention. Note glue is too much & other; Glue & throughout; Can tell to the naked eye, but too little note glue can lead to brush degumming in frequent use and cleaning. Every time a small amount of land to brush her face, can achieve very natural shading effect. 2, if you need to look strong and bright color, and make-up techniques can also be, cheek is red brush can choose slightly hard, this kind of extraction, cheek is red brush coloring range accurately, rapidly, make-up on the cheek is red the position and shape of gimmick to grasp the demand is higher, can use coarse texture light wool. Makeup brush gradually become women everyday items, as this trend, sweet stucco 2, round brush and skin 90 & deg Angle; To brush a head flat contact with the skin, the whole face from outside to inside, the spiral circle, let the powder evenly on face. 3, in areas such as the corners of the mouth, nose, eye, in the same way to strengthen the block defect. The third varieties of pink brush brush is short hair bulb. Is characterized by bristles big, fat volume, present spherical brush a head. When used with the tail skin contact, stack and the ability to block defect medium, makeup effect between the above two kinds of brush, can be used by frost shape foundation. Especially under the guidance of Korean wave, makeup brush also gradually adopted by men, and make up brush bristles with a variety of materials, for men with rough skin using artificial fiber can also be MAO, but most of the women's skin is more delicate and fragile, here small make up suggest women are using animal wool is better. Let's look at the makeup brush is better and why
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