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Shenzhen sweet stucco - price MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-10-03
Depends on the purpose and process. Wool fiber material and nylon material two kinds, honey flat brush painting this big kinds, and can devote a few offshoots. One is bevel flat brush, this kind of pink brush besides brush head is inclined and ordinary flat brush, there is no difference between oblique head is designed to better in nose, eye makeup on these small place. Compared with the ordinary flat brush, such as bevel flat brush is more suitable for & other; Open & throughout; “ Throughout daub &; And is not suitable to poke, poke, poke. Animal hair wool, squirrel hair, horse hair, raccoon, yellow Wolf tail hair, pahmi MAO MAO and so on. Below small make up detailed science for everyone. Make I type: according to the quality of a material of the bristles: divided into natural animal bristles, synthetic bristles. Is not to say that animals Mao Yiding better than wool fiber, but want to see you this brush USES, such as foundation brush is more suitable for the cover and makeup. Brush head is fine slightly acute, honey for qualitative eye shadow brush, painting is divided into large, medium and small different models. Hair eye modify equipment, they are all of eye shadow brush quality requirements higher, should have good elasticity. Eye shadow brush to color is special, eye shadow brush should be equipped with several sizes. Sponge head than eye shadow brush shading powerfully. Generally we often use in fast makeup or day make-up. When using simple, as long as it will be a sponge good color, from the inner canthus outward along eyelash root up slowly out to the good. High quality imported superfine fiber flexibility more resilient, fine concealer brush specially designed for handling details. Make up hair eye shadow brush hair eye shadow brush main used for eye color shading, strong shading sex and tinting strength designed for eye bottom makeup. Makeup brush iridescence iridescence brush head is circular. Shape the stereo makeup look more outstanding facial contour. Makeup highlights brush head is unique Angle arc design, how to use: apply adequate amount with powder or powder, paint brush honey Mao Yi choose synthetic fiber. Not bibulous, extending degree is high, with brush can release a uniform liquid foundation, powder ~ very province animal wool powder brush also has, but is not recommended, one is animal wool has natural hair scale slice, can adsorption liquid foundation, the second is the animal hair is harder to maintain! On the already finished bottom makeup face gently sweep, and in easy to perspire parts ( Such as the nose on both sides, chin forehead) For 5 seconds. Then along the facial contour again to clean it again. Also now summer mix the sister of outermost layer of skin give oil is more, can use powder paint baking ( In the face of brush on powder after waiting four or five minutes, with a small one.
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