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by:MHLAN     2020-09-30
Head has a different purpose. Eyebrow paint can be classified as three types of toothbrushes makeup brush set round head brush, I prefer to call this kind of pink brush & other Polishing brush & throughout; 。 Brush, of course, round head, after all, is a kind of foundation brush, thanks to its thick fine brush, same for the liquid cream foundation is also no problem, but compared with the ordinary flat brush, not suitable for open, daub and poke, poke, poke, loop it more suitable to the form of makeup. , helical and bevel type. Lip brush using a lip brush can make the lip contour of clear, lipstick colour and lustre is uniform. Lip brush selection should be qualitative and hard moderate, wool quantity in rail as well. Brush hair too soft lips lipstick is difficult to control weight, fuzzy and not sure the lip line, of course, is the whole makeup look glamorous failure. Makeup brush it is necessary to buy expensive? , if it is professional, after all, is to close contact with face every day. Make-up tools around makeup brush set brush basic is to use animals, such as wool, wool, horse synthetic hair can be used according to the custom requirement. Wool ( The best thin light peak around 1800 yuan a kilogram) , horse hair, 200 - 400 yuan a kilogram) , squirrel hair ( 10000 yuan a kilogram) , mink ( 10000 to about 20000 2 kg) Such as the true maomao. 1. Screening and formula of wool fabric supplier of the Lin has a stable and long-term cooperation, from the price and quality have a certain point. : cosmetic powder puff, of course, is used to put & other; Powder & throughout; To face, sponges and plush texture points. Many pressed powder with powder puff. Including but not limited to circular shape, ling, gourd. Makeup threading cutting remove nap, adjust the length of each eyebrow. Makeup xiumei dao threading is a kind of beauty tools, usually selects the high quality plastic and the blade is made and be become. Threading knife can help make up brush gradually become women everyday items, as this trend, makeup brush set visually identify: good cosmetics should bright color, elegant is downy. If found the color dark dirty, shades, then there is something wrong with the quality. If the appearance of turbidity, oil/water separation or floc, paste drying shrinkage crack, cannot use. More than paint in the last part of the colour makeup is used to remove more than dust and debris, can also be under the eyes, blocking out parts, to prevent eye shadow powder drops to the face and affect the makeup look. Especially under the guidance of Korean wave, makeup brush also gradually adopted by men, and make up brush bristles with a variety of materials, for men with rough skin using artificial fiber can also be MAO, but most of the women's skin is more delicate and fragile, here small make up suggest women are using animal wool is better. Let's look at the makeup brush is better and why
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