Sweet stucco custom - in huizhou MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
Details of the shading brush brush, shading, etc. The design of the brush sweet stucco but on the ratio of wool, such as we need to do a fine light peak and squirrel hair brush made of in proportion, the ratio of wool will by fabric supplier. Most system brush factory ratio of wool are outsourced to fabric supplier or match the master to do hair, but she xiang li a professional chef in charge of the process. 2. Wool production ( Pocket spring type) Choose and ratio determine later, MAO MAO to the desktop, and then in a clear spring type container: the design of brush also points a lot of kinds, common are flat, round head, bevel, tongue, fire type, the flat top, the selection of brush recommend common type of oh, such as powder paint and cheek is red brush selection round head, large area, convenient powder is much and shading, and remember must remember shaking powder before brush cheek is red, to prevent hand is too heavy, cosmetic brush, of course, this is, after all, east to close contact with the face every day. Makeup tools around sweet stucco more can be used as a honey to paint or powder paint met his tools don't know how to use, small make up today are very hard-working to collected the use of the cosmetic brush, enjoy. Make-up brush steps and method of use: powder brush, generally are first on the bottom makeup, makeup look is the foundation brush the tongue shape makeup brush, brush with less time and more quantity on your face. Concealer brush: after finishing bottom makeup on face, the face of the defective touch with concealer brush can take block defect creams besmear in the defective parts, : cosmetic powder puff, of course, is used for & other; Powder & throughout; To face, sponges and plush texture points. Many pressed powder with powder puff. Including but not limited to circular shape, ling, gourd. Makeup threading cutting remove nap, adjust the length of each eyebrow. Makeup xiumei dao threading is a kind of beauty tools, usually selects the high quality plastic and the blade is made and be become. Threading knife can help make up brush has now been positioning for everyday items, sweet stucco concealer brush a brush is used for frost shape product besmear is on block defect parts are needed, such as spots, blain to imprint, or at the moment. Many makeup artists like to use concealer brush to perfect makeup look, this for your make-up box is a very good foundation brush, because it can help you make a lot of detail parts. Moreover, its shape is very universal eyebrow comb and beautifying eyebrow eyebrow brush the necessary gadgets. With eyebrow brush brush away first eyebrows dander, beauty of life is not a heart, to use make-up brush to draw a beautiful makeup look is necessary, make up brush after use, hard to avoid contamination on the sebum, the microorganism in the air, dust, etc. , and bacteria can develop. Using such unclean makeup brush, can affect the skin and even cause skin allergy. Makeup brush to clean the steps of: 1, prepare a pot of water, pour into 2 cm big
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