Technical explanation of a new type of makeup brush

by:MHLAN     2021-08-19
The invention relates to a makeup brush device. In this device, after removing a brush protection cover, a brush inserted into a box can be exposed, and after the special protection cover is installed, the brush is inserted into the box again. What is even more unique is that the cosmetic brushing device involved in the present invention does not expose the brush that has been inserted into the box when the protective cover of the brush is not tightly closed. Description of related technologies Generally speaking, the makeup brush device is an appliance used to apply makeup powder. This kind of appliance actually has a clamping piece and a brush installed on the end of the clamping piece. In addition, a brush protection cover is also provided on the upper part of the brush device. In this way, when the protective cover is removed from the upper part of the brushing device, the brush is exposed and can be used. After the brush is used, install the protective cover on the upper part of the brush device. The brush can be protected. However, in the traditional makeup brush set, in order to make the length of the makeup brush longer, the clamping member and the brush are connected together. In this way, it is inconvenient to pack the makeup brush device into a handbag. In addition, since the brush is only covered with a protective cover, when the protective cover is not properly covered and the brush is exposed, the brush will be damaged or the inside of the handle bag will be contaminated. Therefore, in order to solve the above problems, it is required to have such a cosmetic brushing device, that is, the brush is protected inside the clamping member, and then the brush is exposed from the clamping member during use. At the same time, in order to prevent the protective cover from being easily detached from the upper part of the brush device, a boss is designed on the outer surface of the upper part of the brush device covered by the protective cover. However, when the protective cover is repeatedly opened and closed, the boss and the inner surface of the protective cover will contact each other and cause wear and tear, resulting in some debris, which becomes a source of contamination of the brush. Furthermore, the above-mentioned friction will also damage the external shape of the brush device; Summary of the invention The design of the invention is to solve the above-mentioned problems. The purpose of the present invention is to provide such a makeup brush device, that is, when a brush used to apply makeup powder is inserted into a clamping part, the length of the makeup brush device should be relatively short When the brush inserted into the clamping part is exposed to the outside, the expected use length should be relatively long, and when the protective cover is removed from the clamping part of the device, the brush should be exposed. In addition, according to the detailed description of the present invention, one of the objects of the present invention is to provide a cosmetic brushing device that does not expose the brush to the outside even if the protective cover is carelessly covered. Another object of the present invention is to cover or remove the protective cover on the cylindrical member to provide a cosmetic brushing device that does not generate debris even if it is repeatedly applied to one. In order to achieve the above-mentioned purpose, a detailed description according to the present invention. A cosmetic brush device should have a first cylindrical member with openings at both ends, and a second cylindrical member into which the lower end portion of the first cylindrical member can be slidably inserted, and the cosmetic brush device further includes A support plate fixed on the inner surface of the bottom of the second cylindrical part and the support plate should have a cylindrical boss extending outward; a gear coupling structure that can be slid into the first cylindrical part , Above the inside of the structure, there are many inner bosses. At the lower end of the inner boss, there is a connecting groove. In the lower part of the structure there is a base plate with a cylindrical boss. This cylindrical boss has ten through holes. The cylindrical boss of the support plate can pass through this hole. Between the inner boss and the base plate, there is an elastic piece and a round piece; a hollow gear assembly piece that can be slidably inserted into the gear coupling structure. This gear assembly is equipped with a first gear element with a first set of outward projections and a second gear element with a second set of outward projections on the outer surface of the device. The second set of outward bosses can be selectively disconnected or connected with the connecting grooves of the bosses on the inner side of the gear coupling structure. The above-mentioned first gear element and the second gear element can be connected to each other for movement. There are corresponding gears between the first gear and on the second gear element. There is a downwardly extending boss on the gear element; a brush is installed on the upper part of the gear assembly. This brush should include a brush fixed on the connecting part by a Bonza device and a transparent part that can be connected to the Bonza part through the brush. Both ends can be respectively connected with the downward boss of the gear assembly and the cylindrical boss of the support plate with an adjustable length piece. And this adjustable length piece can be extended or shortened. The first elastic piece surrounding the adjustable length piece. This elastic piece can be inserted between the upper hollow interior of the gear piece assembly and the upper surface of the cylindrical boss of the gear coupling structure; a protective cover. In this protective cover, the first cylindrical body piece can be slidingly inserted and above the inside of the protective cover, there is a pressure boss. In this protective cover, when the upper part of the first cylindrical member is placed in the protective cover and the brush structure is inserted into the first cylindrical boss, the penetrating part of the brush structure under the pressure boss releases the first cylindrical member. The connection state of the two outward bosses and the connecting groove.
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