Tell you how to make up tips in six steps

by:MHLAN     2021-10-04
If we want to make a good makeup, we need to prepare these materials: facial cleanser, foundation, toner, eyeliner, lotion, lip balm, lipstick, eye shadow powder, lip gloss, mascara, loose powder, etc. 1. The first step is to clean the face. You need to use a facial cleanser to clean your face before makeup. 2. The second step is the preliminary makeup and styling. Apply lotion on the face, apply lotion, apply foundation on the face, and then apply evenly. (If you need to cover the flaws on your face, you need to prepare a concealer. You can apply the concealer first when applying foundation). 3. The third step is eye makeup. First, brush the eyeshadow to powder and smudge on the eyelids. It is recommended to use at least three or more colors to transition from dark to light. Then apply eyeliner to the roots of the eyelashes and sweep the eyelashes with mascara. Finally, draw the eyebrows, first outline the approximate shape with an eyebrow pencil, and then modify them. 4. The fourth step is to use the cheek powder brush to take the cheek powder to make up, and use the cheek powder brush to sweep the temples back and forth. 5. The fifth step is to paint the lips: After painting with lip balm, use a lip brush to take the lipstick and brush it from the inside out to make the makeup effect better. 6. The sixth step is to repair the appearance: mainly to check the overall makeup, if you need a longer lasting makeup, you can apply a layer of makeup loose powder.
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