The basic principles of makeup and the style formed by the wearer

by:MHLAN     2021-08-12
We are exposed to style at every moment in our lives, whether it is industrial products, utility products or every real person. All show a variety of styles. Understanding the basic rules behind the style and understanding the style and then creating your own style in practice is what many people desire. People's grasp of style mainly comes from the feeling that the shape of the object brings to people. Objects that belong to a certain visual art style have common characteristics in modeling, and these common characteristics bring us certain feelings or associations; human vision’s grasp of the shape of objects is the initial grasp of objects. The most basic understanding. Because of this, we call visual art as plastic art. The two most important factors of modeling are shape and color, which are closely related to style. Only master the basic theoretical principles and cognitive laws of style. Only then is it possible to apply it properly to practice. It is worth noting that the familiarity and understanding of style is also an indispensable part of improving our aesthetic appeal and artistic appreciation ability and taste. Tracing the history of style. It is not difficult to see that the exploration and creation of style is a precious spiritual wealth of mankind. It not only records the continuous improvement of human aesthetic ability, but also contains human emotion, spirit, and unremitting pursuit of beauty and infinite creativity.
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