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The Beginner: Brushes Every Makeup Kit Needs

The Beginner: Brushes Every Makeup Kit Needs


 I understand how confusing it is for a beginner because how do you find a use for each and every one of these brushes, right? How to choose makeup brush for beginner ? The basics makeup brushes include a powder brush , contour brush, concealer brush and a blush brush that also works for bronzer.

Powder brush

MHLAN powder Brush is ideal for mineral powder foundation, providing the ideal dusting of makeup for high definition results,nano 20000 micro brush bristles, ultra soft synthetic hair, easy to clean. Use with powder foundation, powder bronzer, setting powders

Foundation brush/ contour brush

MHLAN contour brush is a makeup brush designed specifically to apply liquid, cream or powder foundation. It has a strong wood handle and synthetic bristles that allow an easy and extremely soft application. The cat tongue shape is a classic for applying foundation or even concealer. The shape enables an easy application for a polished and perfected result with no flaws. Moreover, the brush has a broad base to help to work the product more quickly - without overloading the skin with product. With this application tool, you can create a perfect complexion that works as the perfect base for your makeup looks.

Concealer brush

 MHLAN concealer brush is made of nano silk synthetic fibres, carefully selected to effortlessly blend liquid and cream concealers under the eye area. The wooden handle sits perfectly in the hand, and is extra-long to ensure it is perfectly balance, providing better control. This brush is fool proof, making it easier than ever to enjoy effortless makeup.

Blush brush/ Highlighter brush

MHLAN Blush brush have very smooth and elastic hair,silk touch feeling, cruelty free talkon synthetic hair, special purple color strong wood handle, it can be used with blush or highlighter

                   How to clean makeup brushes?

                              1. Run the bristles under lukewarm water.

                                          2. Pour some baby shampoo or soap to the water.

                                                   3.Dip the bottom half of brush into the mixture and swirl.

                                     4.Rinse the bristles under the lukewarm water  

                            5. Pat the bristles dry then reshape them.

6.Let the brush air dry.

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