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The right light makeup steps

by:MHLAN     2021-08-13
One: First apply the cream on a large area of u200bu200bthe entire face, and then press the entire face with the palm of your hand. Two: Then squeeze an appropriate amount of BB cream on the powder brush and spread it from the inside to the outside. 3: Use professional eye concealer to lightly touch under the eyes, and pat the concealer until there is no trace with the fingering of playing the piano. Four: In order to make the makeup longer lasting, a thin layer of powder on the whole face can better set the makeup. Five: After dipping the brown eyebrow powder with a horizontal brush, sweep the excess powder on the paper, and then draw the eyebrows from the brow. Six: Use white eyeshadow to make a semicircle on the corners and ends of the eyes, then apply a layer of light blue eyeshadow along the root of the upper eyelashes, and swipe a layer of pink eyeshadow on the end of the lower eyelid. Seven: Then choose a waterproof eyeliner to outline the eyeliner from the top of the eyeball, remembering that the two ends are thin and the middle thick is the principle. Eight: Use an eyelash curler to curl your own eyelashes, and apply a layer of mascara. If it is not long enough, you can repeat the application. Nine: Use slender false eyelashes and paste them on the roots of the upper and lower eyelashes respectively. You must paste them along your own eye shape to be natural. Ten: Use a white eyeliner to draw lightly on the triangle area of u200bu200bthe corner of the eye, so that the eyes will instantly brighten up. Eleven: After the eye makeup is completed, it is the turn of the blush part. This time I chose the light pink blush. I don't want the makeup to be too cute. Twelve: Finally, choose a jelly colored gel or lip gloss to apply a thin layer of lip makeup along the lips.
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