Use colour makeup makeup brush on bottom makeup skills - MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-09-30
Colour makeup division advice, so use makeup brush to brush the simple sense of bottom makeup, 'to do a good job, must first sharpen his'. Chose the best foundation, but also has good makeup brushes and makeup skill, otherwise will backfire. Want to get the most perfect makeup feeling, of course, first choose powder brush. Choose a good brush, must be in the back of hand, you can refer to the following Suggestions: ( 1) The bristles elastic ( 2) The bristles on the brush when not prick the hand ( 3) The radian of the bristles can fit 1 on your skin. Flat head type foundation brush head flat powdery bottom makeup is suitable for liquid foundation, popular dropper foundation suggest use this kind of pink brush, at the same time in accordance with the 'bottom-up, from left to right' principle. 2. Cylindrical foundation brush if with thick powder frost can use cylindrical flat foundation brush, makeup with looped form, stick on the skin can let foundation uniform clothing, no brush marks throughout the whole face of predicament. ( 1) Squeeze the foundation in hand back, and then use cylindrical foundation brush evenly apply. ( 2) A dab of dosage can brush half, face two cheek brushs mop from inside to outside. ( 3) Side of the forehead is also from the eyebrows were brushs mop, can let foundation evenly and submissive. ( 4) Use the brush from chin along the side of the face contour, ear before, at the same time. ( 5) The last full face using a cylindrical brush to gently draw round way, strengthen the skin gloss.
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