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by:MHLAN     2020-09-29

During this period of time, reporters from China were running the market in Henan Province, visiting well-run agents and chain stores in the local area, with the purpose of listening to the top voices of the market.

It is understood that many agents and retail stores are currently doing 'subtraction', focusing on brands with good quality, good reputation, and high buybacks, and gradually eliminating those brands with negative customer feedback.

In their view, the era when any brand and any product can be sold as long as they are on the shelves has long since passed. Customers' highly rational and mature consumer outlook determines the general trend of the future to be guided by 'brand and quality'.

In short, if there is no brand, you have lost half; if the quality is still missing, you will have nothing. If you want to become a brand that customers can't live without, you must provide quality that matches it.

As an expert in ODM/OEM customization of the entire category of cosmetics in China, Bayou has always built an industry-leading OEM platform for the rise of Chinese national beauty brands, and spared no effort to “upgrade” the industry.

This is because Bawei knows how important 'quality' is to an enterprise. For this reason, Ballway has always insisted on relying on technology, quality as the core, and fashion as the soul, to forge generations of beauty products.

It is worth mentioning that, since its establishment in 2006, Bayou has not only become a company that customers can’t do without, but is also committed to helping customers become a brand trusted by consumers.

The industry has never lacked OEM/ODM factories, but there are few that can be as professional and guaranteed as Brave. From trademark registration, office location selection, packaging material procurement, packaging design, formula development, copywriting, legal consulting, filing support, production planning, warehousing logistics, marketing and other links, Bayou can provide professional services throughout the process.

A brand founder candidly said: 'We have no promotion, but we have grown from one store to dozens of stores, from a few agents to hundreds of agents, and from tens of thousands of monthly sales to millions of For monthly performance, the most important thing is that the quality of the product is good enough. Of course, this is inseparable from the professional services of Bayou.'

This point coincides with the information learned by reporters during their visits to the Henan market. According to a store owner, there is no shortage of big brands from big companies in the store, and they were really hot at first, but they have basically all been removed recently because the quality is not good enough. On the contrary, those small brands that have been studying quality have gradually gained the respect that the market deserves.
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