What are the makeup brushes? How to use different

by:MHLAN     2020-06-30
We know that makeup brushes are actually a collective term for makeup brushes. Depending on the location of use, makeup brushes have different names, such as foundation brushes, eye shadow brushes, etc. So, what are the family of makeup brushes? The role of makeup brush Foundation Brush The main purpose of the foundation brush is to use the foundation. That is because the foundation made by the foundation brush will be more transparent. Regardless of whether you use a finger or a puff, liquid foundation inevitably gets on your fingers. This is the main reason why some people switch to liquid foundation brushes. Especially for girls with long nails, the liquid foundation tends to remain in the cracks of the nails when applying makeup, and it feels very sloppy. There is no such trouble when using liquid foundation brush. Concealer brush This brush is used to apply cream-like products to areas that require concealment, such as spots, acne marks, or under the eyes. Many makeup artists like to use a concealer brush to perfect their makeup. This is a great basic brush for your makeup case because it can help you create a lot of details. Moreover, its shape is also very versatile. Loose stucco Loose powder brush is a kind of makeup tool. Dip it into loose powder and brush it on the face with the foundation, which is softer and more natural than using a puff. The advantage of using loose powder brush to set makeup is that the setting effect is light and thin, so that the makeup effect is naturally unpretentious, and the amount of loose powder is relatively saved. When using loose powder brush, you can gently absorb loose powder, filter out excess floating powder, and gently set makeup on face. Finally, brush away the excess powder on the face with a stroke from top to bottom. A Blush brush A blush brush is a flat brush that is slightly smaller than a powder brush, and the tops of the bristles are arranged in a semicircle. A good blush brush will make rouge easy and natural. Dip the brush into the blush powder, gently shake off the excess powder and apply makeup. If the color is not enough, you can add it slowly. It can also be used as a powder brush or loose powder brush. Eye shadow brush The eyeshadow brush can fully blend the eyeliner with the eyeshadow around the eye and under the eyebrows, making the color layered with halo. The amount of hair is moderate and it is easy to control the amount of powder makeup used. The long handle design has an excellent sense of stability, which can easily display delicate lines and let the colors bloom naturally. Can also be used to shape the shadow of the nose. Lip brush Makeup tools for applying lipstick. It can make the contour of the lip line clear and the color of the lipstick even. The choice of lip brush should be both hard and moderate in hair quality. When choosing a lip brush, start with the bristles. Hold the front end of the bristles with both fingers. If it is full and elastic, it is a good lip brush. When applying lipstick, be sure to start from the lower lip. Apply evenly from the inside to the outside of the drawn lip line. After applying the lower lip, apply the upper lip in the same way. Flat eye shadow brush Apply a small amount of eyeshadow with a flat-headed eyeshadow brush, and slowly apply it from the root of the eyelashes to the eye socket. Choose a flat, thin brush head for animal hair. In the process of applying eye shadow, it can make the makeup look fresher and even in color. Eye shadow brush The core design is to use the tip of the brush to depict details similar to the eyeliner, the side can be used to sweep the outline of the face, and the position and shape of the eyeshadow can be accurately defined at the corner or end of the eye, making the makeup more three-dimensional and deep. Detailed usage of makeup brush Positioning blush brush At the smile muscles, apply blush on the face in a circle. For the blush to be just right, it is best to keep the smile applied and sweep away from the highest point of the smile. It should be noted that there must be a certain gap between the blush and the eye makeup, nose, and corners of the mouth. Gentle powder brush After the foundation makeup is completed or before the makeup is completed, tap a small amount of powder on the bottom and tap on the bottom to set the makeup or remove the shine. It can also be used to apply blush or contour shadows, but pay attention to the makeup of each use. All need to clean makeup brushes, do not use alternately. Accurate contour scan Clean your lips, sweep the dark shadow in the depression below the cheekbones, you can also sweep the dark blush here to form a three-dimensional sense, you can also use the oblique sweep to hit the shadow on the cheek and chin to reduce the contour of the face . Clear Lip Brush Apply an appropriate amount of lipstick or lip gloss to the outer contour of the lips, and then fill in, so that the lips are fuller and the color is more rich and bright. Flexible eyebrow brush Eyebrow brushes come in handy when you need to use eyebrow powder. Gently sweep the eyebrows with an appropriate amount of eyebrow powder to strengthen the eyebrow line and make the eyebrows more vivid.
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