What are the must-have makeup brushes for makeup novices?

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
How to choose a makeup brush for a novice who is new to makeup? For many people who are learning makeup for the first time, the most important thing is to understand the choice of makeup brush. Choosing the right makeup brush is equivalent to learning a new skill. Let’s share with you the essential makeup brushes for novices:

Makeup brush

Foundation Brush

Using a foundation brush can make the foundation more docile on the face! There are many types of foundation brushes, the original one is this flat-head brush, but the makeup feels heavier and has powder marks, so it is not recommended!

Flat-tip foundation brush

This flat-headed brush can evenly spread the foundation on the face. Use the circular method to apply the foundation, which has the effect of invisible pores.

'Toothbrush' foundation brush

Toothbrush type foundation brush, the biggest advantage is that it is compliant! After use, there is a soft mist feeling, very natural.

Concealer brush

Concealer brushes generally have such a small flat head, which can handle blemishes and other details very well! (If the concealer tray is shipped with delivery, you don’t need to buy it).

I still buy a loose paintbrush. Loose powder brushes need extra large, soft hairs, and sweep loose powder (setting powder) on a large area of ??the face.

Blush brush

For the blush brush, buy this oval, large brush, suitable for the curvature of the apple muscle. You can put on the blush with a single sweep, so you feel dizzy!

Highlight brush

For high-gloss brushes, buy this flame-like oval head. The round shape is especially convenient for highlighting!

It can be used as highlight and trim at the same time.

Eyebrow brush

The steps of drawing eyebrows are nothing more than outline lines, fill colors, and correct eyebrow colors. The eyebrow brushes are basically used with eyebrow powder.

Eye shadow brush

Eye makeup is the highlight of the entire makeup, it must be fine enough to shape it.

Generally there are large, medium, small and sponge sticks.

The large one can be used as a base for light eyeshadows; the medium one can be used for dark eyeshadows; the small one can be used to describe the delicate contours of the eyes.

Lip brush

Many people think that lip brushes are optional. However, a good lip brush can not only create sexy lips, but also a must for biting lip makeup.
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