What are the various small brushes in the cosmetic

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
Foundation Brush

The brush head is large and flat, which can apply liquid foundation and concealer on a large area to make the foundation effect even and natural. If you need to modify small parts, you can use the hair peaks of the brush. The foundation brush made of synthetic fiber makes it easy to put on makeup. Suitable for thick cream makeup.

Powder brush

It is used to remove excess floating powder on the face. It is the largest type of makeup brush. Its texture is soft and does not irritate the skin. Usually there are small wool, squirrel hair, and high-end mink hair. From the shape, there are: cone-shaped powder brush, which is easier to deal with the details of the face; round powder brush, with a large amount of powder, easy to apply makeup, and the bristles feel fluffy, very suitable for use on the whole face; fan-shaped powder brush has the best Good accuracy, large areas of powder can be applied horizontally, highlights can be applied when tilted, and details such as the wings of the nose can be handled well when used vertically.

Silhouette brush

Also known as a rouge brush, it is mainly used to sweep blush and contour color. When using it, the abdomen of the brush head should be on the face. The angled blush brush with the oblique head shape is easy to use. The best material is natural. The wool is smooth and delicate, soft to the touch and better elasticity. Common blush brushes mainly include horsehair blush brush and wool blush brush, as well as squirrel tail hair blush brush and squirrel tail hair.

Eyebrow brush

The beveled eyebrow brush can draw fine eyebrow shapes. There are two types: hard-bristed eyebrow brush and soft-bristled brush. The soft eyebrow brush is used for dipping powdery eyebrow cosmetics; the hard eyebrow brush is used for dipping waxy eyebrow modification cosmetics, with clear and natural eyebrow color.

Eye shadow brush

It directly determines the effect of the eyeshadow, and the different sizes and textures of the eyeshadow brushes have different functions and effects, so the eyeshadow brush is the largest variety of makeup brushes. Large eyeshadow brushes are mainly used for sweeping eyeshadow powder in a larger area, medium eyeshadow brushes can be used to modify the eye area in more detail, and small eyeshadow brushes are used to modify eye contours, outline obvious lines, and help better complete delicate makeup. Strengthen the drawing of certain details of the eyes, such as the accent color of the roots of the eyelashes and the under-eye face.
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