What does the style in the so-called human style mean?

by:MHLAN     2021-10-09
Everyone wants to have their own unique makeup style. So what exactly does style mean? The word style, we will find that this word not only appears on objects, it is also used in many other ways. Sometimes, it is used to describe people's demeanor and posture. For example, Pu Songling wrote in 'Liao Zhai Zhiyi-Xin Shisi NiangYu describes a certain artistic trend, such as the Baroque style of the 17th century and the impressionism that has a great influence on modern art; they are even used to describe some rock bands, such as we often hear that there are some so-called Gothic bands. 'Style' is everywhere, it covers every area of u200bu200bour daily life and permeates every level. But when asked what is the concept of style, many people don't quite understand it. The definition of Guan style in 'Modern Chinese Dictionary' is: one era, one nation. The main ideological and artistic characteristics of a genre or a person’s literary works. The related definitions of human style in the 'Chinese Dictionary' are: 1. Demeanor and character. 2. Bold. 3. Demeanor and charm. 4. Refers to the style and characteristics of writers and artists in their creative achievements. 5. Refers to the characteristics of things in general. Throughout the ages, there have been many definitions of style, and styles often show many different features. So what exactly is style? Style actually refers to the common characteristics between a class of affairs.
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