What hair is best for eye shadow brush? What hair

by:MHLAN     2020-06-29
Makeup brush is a very important tool, and the material is also very important when choosing a makeup brush. Today, MHLAN will introduce to you, what kind of hair is best for eye shadow? What hair is good for eye shadow? What hair is best for eye shadow brush Mink hair: Mink hair can be said to be the most suitable brush material for eye shadows. The texture is soft and washable. It is very suitable for makeup on delicate eye skin. If you must pick the shortcomings, the price of mink hair is the most expensive. Pony hair: Horse hair is slightly dazzling and harder than goat hair. It is the most common eye shadow brush. But horse hair is also divided into ordinary and high-grade; there are long hair and short hair; there are natural and washed. Washed horse hair is soft and delicate, softer than wool. Goat wool: Goat wool is the most common brush used in all makeup brushes, with a soft and durable texture and an affordable price. However, goat hair itself also has high, medium and low grades, the difference lies in softness and flexibility, you can choose according to your needs. Artificial hair: It is divided into two categories, corrugated hair and straight wire. The straight wire has good gatherability and is mainly used as a foundation brush and an eye brush. Artificial hair is the weakest of all the brushes, and it is still good as an eye primer. The softer the bristles, the better When choosing brushes, many girls feel that the more comfortable they feel, the softer and smoother the brushes are. Xiaobian thinks that this is basically true for face brushes such as loose powder brushes and blush brushes, but the eye brushes are not necessarily right. For example, high-quality squirrel hair, this kind of bristle material is generally very soft and smooth, and it is very comfortable to apply on the skin, but this type of bristle is slightly insufficient in powder grasping ability, especially when you encounter difficulty in powder extraction, Eye shadows that do not show much color will make you crazy! And the slightly harder goat hair, yellow wolf hair, and pony hair can do a better job in picking powder and coloring. But as the smudge brush that smudges the border of the eyeshadow, the soft and smooth hair is more natural, softer and more smooth. Use your fingers to draw smoky eyes in five steps 1. Wash your hands The skin around the eyes is very delicate, wash your hands before painting, and pay attention to your nails, it is best to trim it first, so as not to accidentally poke yourself. 2. Make a primer with eye shadow Use your index finger to dip the eyeshadow with a more neutral tone, such as brown, smoky gray, grayish brown. Then apply on the upper eyelid to create a light and deep feeling, and smudge the lower eyelid with the remaining smudge on the hand. 3. Layer with darker eyeshadow Then choose a darker color eye shadow, such as dark brown, dip it with your middle finger, from the root of the upper eyelashes to smudge, until the eye socket, the color transition should be natural. You can focus on the end of the upper and lower eyelids and apply it multiple times, so the effect is more natural. 4. Brighten your eyes In the first half of the upper eyelid, use your little finger to dip into the golden brown eyeshadow and apply to brighten the eye. 5. Halo fusion Keep your ring finger clean, just to use it in this step. Use the ring finger to smudge the edges of the dark eyeshadow to make the color transition soft and natural.
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