What is the brush for lipstick? What tools do

by:MHLAN     2020-07-01
Lipstick application can be described as the finishing touch in the make-up process. Even if the face is usually unappreciated, the lipstick application will appear a lot of spirit. We often see beautiful women holding all kinds of brushes in beauty bloggers and beauty videos. What is the name of the lipstick brush? What tools do I need to apply lipstick? Let’s take a look today! What is the brush for lipstick Lip brush is a makeup tool for applying lipstick, which can make the contour of the lip line clear and the color of the lipstick uniform. The choice of lip brush should be both hard and moderate in hair quality. It is difficult to grasp the weight of a lip brush with a lip brush that is too soft, and the blurry and uncertain lip line is of course a failure in the entire makeup. Whether it is lipstick or lip gloss, if the color is evenly attached to the lips, you must use a lip brush to paint and rub. Accurately outline the lip shape, make the lips full and even, more durable. Types of lip brushes: 1. Oblique lip brush: more suitable for the outline of the lip peak. 2. Fine round lip brush: suitable for sketching inner lip corner lines. 3. Mink hair lip brush gathering: good compatibility, elasticity and durability, the hair peak is delicate and elastic, and the line of the smeared lipstick is smooth, which can depict the delicate lip shape. 4. Nylon lip brush: high-grade synthetic fiber, small hair gap, high cohesion, flat and long bristles, easy to grasp the strength, high accuracy of applying lipstick, smooth lines, can depict delicate lip shape, but after using for a long time, The tip of the hair is easy to curl. 5. Horsehair lip brush: made of natural horsehair, soft and delicate, with good cohesion, but poor elasticity. In short, a lip brush with moderate soft and hard hair, delicate touch, good elasticity and polymerization, and high peak density can draw uniform and detailed lip lines. Korean lip makeup Step 1: First choose a soft cotton lip brush and apply lipstick on the lipstick. Step 2: Use a lip brush to draw a dividing line between the lips. Step 3: Start lip makeup from the lower lip, first draw the outer edge of the lip, and draw the boundary. Step 4: Follow the lip shape, use the lip brush to outline the shape of the right lip shape. Step 5: Follow the same method to outline the lip shape on the left, then use the lip brush to dip the lipstick and fill the lip color. Step 6: Then the upper lip, first draw the lip shape from the corner of the lip. Step 7: Draw half of the outline of the upper lip, with the middle line as the boundary. Step 8: Follow Step 7 to draw the lip shape, then apply lipstick with a lip brush to fill the lip color. Full and natural lip makeup is complete! Lip brush cleaning After each use, wipe the excess lip balm sticked on the bristles with a paper towel. Do not apply too much force when wiping, it will get rid of the bristles. The lip brush can be squeezed in the palm of the hand with a small amount of cleansing milk, then use the lip brush to put it on the cleansing milk and turn it to completely absorb the cleansing milk, then clean the debris on the bristles with warm water and dry it with paper towels. Dry in a ventilated place. The lip brush depends on how often you use it to decide how often to clean it. If you use it every day, it is recommended to clean it once a week. It can effectively protect the lip brush and make it live longer.
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