What is the difference between a cheap makeup

by:MHLAN     2020-06-23
The price of the makeup brush is set according to the hair of the makeup brush. There are many kinds of makeup brushes. The hair quality is different. The makeup effect is obviously different. The skin texture is very tender. If the makeup brush is too rough, it will affect the makeup effect. Will also pierce the skin of the face. Below MHLAN to explain the difference between cheap makeup brushes and expensive makeup brushes.    1. Makeup brushes are divided into fiber hair, animal hair, mixed hair, and poorer fiber hair. There is no difference between the hair quality and the kind on the head of the clothing store model.    2. The price is generally below ten yuan. Very sticky, it hurts on the face, poor ability to catch powder, not easy to color.    3. The smudge effect of the cheap makeup brush is very poor, it is easy to appear color block, and it is easy to lose hair. When you sweep it on the face, it will lose a lot of hair and it is difficult to clean up.    4. The joint is made of inferior glue, and it will fall off in case of water and cannot be cleaned.    5. Ordinary fiber hair, the hair is very soft and fluffy, the hair is very fine, the price is about 10 to 100 yuan. It is very soft and does not irritate the skin, but it has poor powder catching ability and is difficult to color.    6. Ordinary fiber hair has no support force and blooming, and cannot bloom. Hair loss or glue loss may also occur. If the pursuit of the brush is not very high, it is very good to buy a brush with fiber hair to loosen the powder. It is very fluffy and comfortable on the face.    7. Poor powder catching ability is not a problem for loose powder, and it can also make the makeup very thin. Another feature of cheap makeup brushes is that there are usually only loose powder brushes, flat eye shadow brushes, lip brushes and eyebrow brushes, and few other brushes are used.    8. People who are particular about makeup brushes will not buy the very cheap brushes, so they do not need to produce multifunctional brushes.    9. Animal hair brush. Generally made of natural animal hair. There are several types according to quality. The specially processed bristles are of moderate softness, very comfortable on the upper face, and have a certain degree of support.    10. Strong powder catching power. Animal hair brushes can be used for paste, liquid, powder, etc. The design is more scientific. It is more suitable for facial contours, better control, many types, fine classification, exquisite production, and good quality.
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