What material is better for makeup brushes?

by:MHLAN     2020-06-23
Everyone knows that the hair of makeup brushes is very delicate, and there are many kinds of brushes. The hair of makeup brushes is generally animal hair, because the main component of animal hair is a protein composed of a series of amino acids through a peptide bond to form a chain structure. It is an excellent raw material for making makeup brushes. There are many types of make-up brushes on the market. The quality of high-end make-up brushes is relatively high-quality. So what material is better for make-up brushes? The following small series introduces the hair used by several make-up brushes.   The grade of wool can be judged from the fineness and straightness of the hair peak. If the fineness of the hair is fine and straight, it must be high-grade hair. It can also be judged from the softness and gloss of wool. The denser and more compact the hair quality, the better.   Squirrel hair: high-grade hair. Extremely soft and creamy. No need for processing, it has a natural luster. The hair tips are very thin and the hair roots are thick, so it is difficult to make them. Mao Feng is thin and straight. Disadvantages: too soft to appear inflexible. Usually used for making loose powder and shadow brushes.   Squirrel hair: high-grade hair. Lubrication is its characteristic. Mao Feng is not the best, but its wool body is the smoothest. Hairy roots are thick. Because of this, squirrel hair should not be used to make loose powder or blush alone. Disadvantages: Because of its hair body and its smooth, thick hair root, when the masters make hair, the hair is easy to fall off, and the thick hair root is easy to cause the feeling of thin and hollow hair.    Mountain wool: Mountain wool is the most common hair used for makeup brushes, and it is also the best kind of hair in the eyes of the industry. Because goat hair itself has high, medium and low grades, it can meet the requirements of different groups for the makeup brush material. The hairy roots of goat hair are detailed and easy to handle. High-grade goat hair is the best material for large brushes, which not only meets the needs of softness, but also meets the needs of flexibility. Makeup brush set    Classification of wool    Fine light peak wool. The best in wool grows on the back of the sheep's neck and legs, and on the middle and young sheep. Mao Feng is thin and straight, and the body is thinner and softer than other qualities. The price catches up with squirrels and squirrels. Feeling the ice muscles on the face.    Zhongguangfeng wool. High-grade hair. Next to the fine light peak, it grows on the back of the sheep's neck and legs, in the middle and young sheep. The hair peak is straight and fine, and the hair quality is soft and delicate. Big hair brushed on the face, feeling the ice muscle.   White spike wool. High-grade hair. Inferior to Zhongguangfeng. It grows under the neck, the middle and young sheep. Mao Feng is straight and thin, and the hair quality is also very soft, but it feels wrong with Zhong Guangfeng.   Yellow spike wool. In the eyes of experts, as well as foundry factories, are all high-grade wool. Many big names, such as MAC and Shu Uemura's big brushes, are just this level of wool. But in the eyes of Xiaoyu, it is classified as mid-range hair. It grows under the neck of middle and young sheep. The hair peak is also straight, but the softness is reduced.    No.2 wool. Good mid-range wool. There are Mao Feng. But Mao Feng is uneven and slightly curved. The entire brush has a noticeable roughness. Of course, the softness is still there. But the effect from different angles is different. Only at the peak can you feel soft.    No. 10 wool. Mid-range wool. There are hairy peaks, but they are already very rough. They are not as comfortable as above, and the results are not as good as above.   Double wool. Ordinary wool. Low-grade hair. There is no Mao Feng. Gross. Some small supermarkets and small market vendors may have this kind of brushes.   Simple wool. Ordinary wool. Low-grade hair. The functions and functions are the same. This wool brush is more common, and the effect, quality and price are the same as those of double wool. horse hair. Ma Mao also has ordinary, high-end points. There are long hair and short hair. There are natural and washed. Washed horse hair is soft and delicate, softer than wool. Long and washed horse hair has a price equivalent to white spiked wool or even higher than white spiked wool. Since the eye skin is the most sensitive, the bristles of the eye require softness first and elasticity second. Commonly used for eye brushes are: yellow wolf hair, squirrel hair, squirrel hair, horse hair, nylon hair. Nylon is cheaper than natural animal hair because of artificial hair. The price of yellow wolf hair squirrel and squirrel is relatively high. Horse hair is the first choice. It is soft and affordable, cost-effective, and easy to master.    lynx hair. Make an oblique eyebrow brush. The color is white and black. Because the hair is thick, it is not suitable as a makeup brush for delicate skin. Bristles. Make an oblique eyebrow brush. It is also used as eyebrow comb, just like lycium hair, because it is thicker, it is not suitable as a makeup brush for delicate skin.    Yellow Wolf Hair. High-grade hair. The unit price is 4-5 times that of squirrel hair. Because the yellow wolf hair does not have long hair, it is usually used as an eye brush. The softness and elasticity are enough to make up for the squirrels and squirrels. It has the function of taking advantage of the shortcomings. Because of its natural hair peaks and elasticity, when it is used as a short-hair eye brush, the softness is not enough. On the contrary, because the roots of the tops are different, it is easy to be misunderstood by everyone. The premium yellow wolf hair is too expensive so it is not used in large quantities.   Nylon wool. The so-called artificial hair is also called artificial mink hair in the United States. Divided into two categories: corrugated hair and straight wire. The corrugated hair is electrified by special treatment. The hair is wavy and is scattered rather than gathered. It is mainly used as a large brush for loose powder and blush. Straight wire is divided into single-color wire, two-color wire and three-color wire. The prices of domestic and imported products are different. Straight wire has good gatherability, mainly used as foundation brush and eye brush.
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