What material is good for blush brush?

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29

Regarding makeup brushes, there are generally differences between animal hair and fiber hair. Animal hair can also be divided into squirrel hair or wool. So, what kind of material is suitable for the blush brush?

What material is good for blush brush
1.If you like natural and soft makeup, or the skin is allergic and fragile, then it is better to use soft bristles. The first choice is squirrel hair, and the second-class pony hair is also good.Because the bristles are soft and more elastic Poor, the ability to grab powder is relatively weak, so there is not much powder every time, it is easy to grasp when coloring, and a small amount of brushing on the face each time can achieve a very natural smudge effect;

2.If you need a strong and bright makeup, and the makeup technology is okay, you can use a slightly harder blush brush.This blush brush takes more powder, the color range is accurate, the makeup is applied quickly, and the blush position and shape The technique requires a high degree of grasping. You can choose the coarse light front wool texture. There are many brands of nylon fiber brushes that are also of good quality. The characteristics of the fiber brush are easy to maintain, and the bristles are soft and flexible. As for the bristles of Zhongguangfeng and Xiaoguangfeng, they are softer. There is not much difference, and they are all wool.

In all makeup brushes, the preciousness of the hair is in order of mink hair, squirrel hair (including Canadian squirrel hair, squirrel hair, blue-bellied mouse hair, etc.), horse hair, wool, fiber hair, and of course, some brands are large. The eyeshadow brush can be used as a local blush brush, such as No. 15 Mink Hair Eyeshadow Brush from Uemura, which is very large and fully qualified for the blush brush function.Because this price exceeds 1,000, it is quite luxurious.Baifengtang also has more than 1,000. The blush brush is mushroom-shaped, and the material of the handle is ebony, so it is very precious.

Recommended blush brush material
What material of makeup brush is good goat hair

The most common animal hair material with soft and durable texture. At the same time, there are 21 categories of goat hair. There are several types suitable for professional makeup brushes: No. 0, water fade (now shortened peak), yellow spike, yellow and white spike, white spike, medium light peak, and fine light peak. The main producing areas are in Henan, Hebei and Wuxi.

What kind of material is good for makeup brushes?

The softness is good, and the elasticity is slightly worse. According to the color, it is divided into authentic color, dark color, and black. Among them, black is relatively small. The national output will not be 10,000 kg per year. The main production is in Hebei.

What material is good for man-made fibers?

According to Mao Feng, it is divided into sharpened fibers and non-sharpened fibers. The sharpened fiber peaks are slender and soft, and the tops are more elastic than animal hairs, and they are not powder-absorbing. They are easy to clean, and they are suitable for thick paste makeup.

How to choose makeup brush hair
1. Animal hair: It has scales, so it has strong powder (suitable for dry powder), difficult to care for, and expensive-mink hair is the most suitable for the best, goat hair is the most common, and horse hair is suitable for eye brushes;

Man-made fibers: slightly hard and smooth (suitable for water and creams, such as foundation brush and lip brush).

2. Soft: Weak powder and weak precision (blush natural);

Hard: Strong powder catching and high accuracy (eyebrow brush).

3. Pine: natural;

Dense: Strong powder (concealer).

4. Base makeup brush shape:

Flat brush: high concealing power, can be liquid, cream;

Soft flat brush: The hair length varies, suitable for liquids, creating a thin makeup;

Toothpaste-like: quick makeup application;

Tongue-shaped brush: It is easy to brush out powder marks, but has high concealing power, smoothes dry lines, and fits;

Round head brush: fluffy, easy to bloom, suitable for blush, shadow;

Bullet head: the combination of tongue-shaped brush and flat head brush, suitable for novices.

How to paint blush

Step 1: Use cotton swabs to pick up some red eyeshadows, then make three points on the lower eyelid.

Step 2: Then gently brush towards the end of the eye.

Step 3: Brush the upper eyelid with red eyeshadow, and strengthen it slightly at the end of the eye.

Step 4: After completion, the lower eyelid area should also be strengthened with red eyeshadow, but not too heavy, just draw a gradient.

Step 5: Try to choose a red blush that is close to the eyeshadow to have a sense of overallity.

When drawing blush, start drawing slowly from the lower eyelid, you can also add a little gradation, the closer to the lower eyelid, the deeper, gradually lighter down                                

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