What products has MHLAN Makeup Tool developed?
Since the inception of Dongguan MHLAN makeup tool co.,ltd, we have been developing a variety of products to satisfy the market demands, among which buffing makeup brush has been sold to many overseas markets. We stick to the "Quality Comes First" criteria to perfect the product quality. Through introducing state-of-art equipment, we ensure the product is manufactured exquisitely saving much time and labour. The product meets the industry and international standards as we implement strict quality control, bringing many benefits to the customers in the daily application scenarios.

MHLAN Makeup Tool has gone far ahead in the market when it comes to the development and production of lip brush. The Powder Brush series is one of the main products of MHLAN Makeup Tool. The product has size stability. It has been inspected under FZ/T 60031-2011, a testing method to check its size change after steam ironing. The ferrule handle design gives the best control of grip while applying makeup. This product will not 'burn out' the way that incandescent and CFL do, instead, it has Lumen depreciation which means it gradually grow dimmer over time yet users can still use it for thousands of hours. It is both suitable for normal skin and sensitive skin types.

MHLAN Makeup Tool will fully prepare for the company's industrial layout and strategic development of the brand. Get info!
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