Which eyeliner is better?

by:MHLAN     2020-06-26
How to choose an eyeliner brush? Which eyeliner brush is more convenient? The eyeliner brush is a beauty tool for drawing eyeliner. When you need to outline the shape of the eyeliner, choose a smooth eyeliner brush to make your makeup more even. Easy.    Which eyeliner is better?    1. Very thin head can draw very fine lines, but it is not easy to operate and easy to shake.    2. The square head can draw smooth lines in parallel movement, but it cannot be eye-catching.    3. Round head The thin bristles in the middle of the front end make it easy to draw lines of two widths.    4. Bevel head operation is smooth and easy to draw, but it is more difficult to control the color density of the eyeliner.    How to choose an eyeliner brush, easy to use is the key, it is good to match the makeup effect you want. There are many types of eyeliner brushes. If you want to draw a hook eyeliner, a round eyeliner brush is the suitable type of eyeliner brush.
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