Which is better, eyeshadow brush and eyeshadow

by:MHLAN     2020-07-01
The eyeshadow brush and the eyeshadow stick are actually two different things, and their usage is also different. Given that many women are guilty of selection difficulties, which one is better, an eye shadow brush or an eye shadow stick? What is the difference between an eye shadow brush and an eye shadow stick? Which eye shadow brush or eye shadow stick is better From the material point of view: the materials of eye shadow sticks are generally sponges and plastic sticks. Good eye shadow sticks have a soft outer layer and a hard inner layer. The eye shadow brush is made of animal hair or chemical fiber hair and has a soft texture. From the eyeshadow texture: the eyeshadow brush is suitable for powdery eyeshadow, which can make the eyeshadow less powdery than the eyeshadow stick. The eyeshadow stick is not only suitable for powdery eyeshadow, but also suitable for eye shadows such as water-soluble eyeshadow or oil paint. From the makeup area: the eye shadow stick is suitable for the outline of small areas of eye folds. After drawing the eyeliner, you can draw a layer of eye shadow on the eye liner that is slightly thicker than the eye line. The natural line of the eye shadow brush is suitable for use with pearlescent eye shadow Brighten the entire upper eyelid, you can naturally paint a larger area of ??the eyelid, and it is not easy to be limited to a small piece and appear uneven. How to use eye shadow stick 1. Dip darker-colored eyeshadow with an eye shadow stick, extend the edge of the eyelashes, and reapply faintly about a quarter of the direction of the eye towards the eye. 2. Using the end of the eye as the origin, apply slowly from the eyelash edge toward the eye socket. The eye shadow is about a quarter wide. The natural makeup can only be drawn with the curvature of the eyeball. 3. After fainting the eyeshadow, apply it with the eyeshadow stick in the depression of the eye socket, back and forth between the eye and the end of the eye, naturally emphasizing the shadow of the depression of the eyelid. 4. Use eyeshadow sticks to dazzle bright eyeshadows, starting from the head of the eye, apply from the edge of the eyelashes towards the eye sockets, and then overlap with the eye shadows at the eye sockets and near the end of the eye to have a stronger sense of layering. 5. Eyebrows can be used with eye shadow brush and bright color eyeshadow, apply left and right until the eye sockets are full, no gap in between. 6. Use the eyeshadow stick used in steps 1-3 (no need to apply eye shadow) and apply directly to the lower eyelid near the end of the eye quarter. At three-quarters of the distance from the eye, you can use the bright eyeshadow stained with the eye shadow stick used in step 4. How to use eye shadow brush Eye socket: The makeup brush with thick flat head or oblique flat head will have a harder texture. The effect is to add a shadow to the concave position of the eyelid to make the outline more clear. Eyeshadow: There are different sizes of eyeshadow brushes: the larger brush head is used for the entire eyelid, and the smaller one is used for the narrower range of the eye. Light and shadow around the eyes: The color of the light and shadow around the eyes does not need to be too solid, you should use a lighter brush or a fine size rouge brush with a softer hair and a larger application range. Eye shadow and eyeliner: The brush with a sharp and thin brush head can also be scanned with a nylon eyeliner, which can apply the shadow to the eye position more accurately. Eye shadow: The color of the shadow needs to be a little more solid. Goat wool should be selected when scanning. The hair quality is elastic, and the effect will be more obvious when applied. Eyebrow peak position: The material used for the makeup brush is also not too solid, the hair quality is preferably soft, and the brush is not too large, it can be one size larger than the eye shadow brush.
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