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by:MHLAN     2020-10-03
Details of the shading brush brush, shading, etc. The design of the brush sweet stucco grey squirrel hair soft and comfortable, most used in powder paint, cheek is red brush. Yellow Wolf hair elastic, soft hard moderate, suitable for brush eye shadow; The hardest, the bristle more used as eyebrow paint; Goats is the most common and widely used in all kinds of brush. Artificial wool including fiber hair, nylon hair, smooth and no hair scale slice, stop, force is weak, will not absorb too much product. : the design of brush also points a lot of kinds, common are flat, round head, bevel, tongue, fire type, the flat top, the selection of brush recommend common type of oh, such as dispersion and cheek is red brush painting selection round head, large area, convenient powder is much and shading, and remember must remember shaking powder before brush cheek is red, in case the hand is too heavy, cosmetic brush, of course, the east are good content here, and personal advice, if it is a novice, sweet stucco lint brush usage in detail: 1, in the palm or the palm back into 1 grain of soybean frost shape powdery bottom, the size of the ball brush head to 60 & deg; Dip dip Angle, makes a third front range evenly on foundation. 2, when using, brush the ball and the skin is 60 & deg; Angle. From outside to inside, in the form of procrastination jacket, until the foundation cream evenly distributed whole face. 3, the corners of the mouth, nose and eyes with C way to strengthen, in areas such as the nose on both sides cheek part of the pore is bulky, block defect pressing with pat. Can still buy a squirrel hair brush, a lot of counterfeit and inferior brand also occasionally have squirrel hair products, the price is acceptable. But we should pay attention to when the choose and buy makeup brush, select the brand or manufacturer to avoid regular brush have no place to solve quality problems, lead to problems in terms of rights, if you don't know how to choose cosmetic brush can contact us for your guidance. Remind your sister at the same time, considered consumable sweet stucco 2 it is colour makeup tools, the pursuit of speed, for workers in a hurry, can give priority to the round head foundation brush. Compared with flat head brush on the wall of the makeup, not a little bit fast. Like a little fat, bristles big and thick, wide brush, use the technique of looped, Dally can rub brush face completely. Brush radian is fruity, determines the unable to take care of small details, the pursuit of delicate makeup look can not into consideration ~, so best is to clean after each use, otherwise it's easy to breed bacteria, especially the brushes regularly every week with the brush cleaning fluid for processing! 。 Below small make up to introduce the function and use method of the five brushes. A, powder painting painting is one of the tools used to calm makeup, it combined with powder or powder can have the makeup look calm makeup effect. bao
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