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High Quality Cosmetic Brush Sets With Good Price-MHLAN

High Quality Cosmetic Brush Sets With Good Price-MHLAN

Brand name: MHLAN

Brush Material: Nanometer synthetic fibers

Handle Material: Wood

Tube: Thick aluminum tube

Size: Long rod

Package Type: OPP bag

Target Customer: Beginner/professional makeup artist

Place of Origin: Dongguan, China

Special Size: Customizable

Minimum Order Quality:500 sets / Shipping: based on FCL quantity

Delivery Time: Depending on the quantity, 15-45days

Payment terms:T/T, money gram or Alibaba with credit card 

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Dive into the world of vibrant hues with these stunning 15-piece blue ombre cosmetic brush sets. They're not just about eye-catching aesthetics; they're packed with high-quality brushes for flawless makeup application.

When choosing a blue ombre brush set, consider the intensity and shade of the blue. Opt for softer hues for a subtle touch of color, or go bolder with vibrant blues for a statement piece.

No matter your makeup style or skill level, there's a perfect 15-piece blue ombre brush set waiting to elevate your routine. So go ahead, embrace the splash of color and unleash your inner makeup artist!

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