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How are makeup brushes made, and what is the process?

How are makeup brushes made, and what is the process?


Makeup brush, makeup brush has two kinds of bristles, one is synthetic, the other is natural animal hair, natural animal hair has complete hair scales, the hair is relatively soft, catch powder degree saturation, can make the color uniform and smooth, and does not stimulate the skin. Generally speaking, animal hair is the best material for makeup bristles. Mink is the best of the bristles, soft texture moderate. Goat hair is the most common animal hair material, soft and durable. Pony hair is softer and more elastic than regular horse hair. Synthetic hair is harder than animal hair, suitable for paste makeup. Nylon is the hardest texture, used as mascara brush, eyebrow brush.


Make-up brush making machine, equipment

Brush hairbrush handleferrulePacking bags


Combing Hairs: This is just preparation. No matter low grade, middle grade or high grade hair, all need to be combed and assembled. The first step is the most important. If not done well, it will affect the quality of the make-up brush made.

Mounding hairs and Inserting hair head into ferrule:Hairs are put into a mold to assemble , shape and bundle them.We never cut hairs to shape the bristles, this helps to achieve high brush performance. Then Put the bristles are inserted into a ferrule and glued together tightly.

Squeezing ferrule. The prepared aluminum ferrule (commonly known as aluminum ferrule) is covered with bristles, this process is limited to the flat hair head. There is no need for this process if straight ferrule

Dipping glue: To hold the bristles in place and prevent shedding. This process is also a key step, too little glue, will lead to adhesion is not strong, easy to shed. Glue drops too much, easy to lead to glue leakage,become defective brush if leakage glue .

Trimmed hair: If mounding hairs is the basis for making a good or bad hair, then trim the rest hair is the key steps. The process of making high-grade brush, mounding hair and trimming hair is a system, the two are unified.Be careful when trimming, if careless easy to cause unnecessary losses.

Assembly: We need to fit the finished hair with the prepared handle. The fitting should be dense and seamless. This is the standard of high quality and is the most basic matter. Note: If it is a flat brush head, we need to use tool, and press it until it is dense.

Cleaning: Before packing the makeup brush, wear a pure cotton white glove to polish and clean the whole brush. Dust and stains may exist on the freshly made makeup brush. If there are stains on the handle that cannot be wiped off, use a small amount alcohol to wipe them.

Inspection : Before any of our products are shipped , we carefully in inspect them individually to maintain our high standard and delivery of only the finest quality products.

Customer special requirements on makeup brushes need to be done separately,such as the requirements on logo, package,as well as the requirements on the color,material and style of hairs,ferrules and handles.

Packing:Put makeup brush into PP bag or makeup bag, makeup bag and PP bag.


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