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How to wash your makeup brushes?

How to wash your makeup brushes?


Makeup brush is an indispensable tool in our makeup. Bad use of makeup brush will also affect the effect of makeup. Do you know how to use and clean the makeup brushes?

This time we will tell you how to clean your brushes?

MHLAN Foundatiion makeup brush

There are 2 kinds of foundation makeup brush, flat makeup brushes head and oblate makeup brush head, flat brush head is suitable for the liquid foundation with strong fluidity, squeeze the liquid foundation on the back of the hand to dip gently, by the inside and outside the foundation is pushed, pay attention to the same direction when pushing aside. The powdery bottom of planar brush area is bigger, go up makeup very fast, go up makeup gimmick and flat face are similar, also be by inside outside push aside. Makeup brush is more suitable for girls who are skilled in makeup techniques. Beginners are not recommended to use, bad use will be brush marks, or base makeup.When cleaning, pour the cleaning agent into the palm, wet the makeup brush with water, brush flat head in the palm along the brush on both sides rub alternately, flat head in the palm ring friction, then rinse with water.

MHLAN Eye shadow makeup brushes

There are so many different types of eye shadow brushes that it's hard to tell one from the other. In fact, there are three types of eye shadow makeup brushes that you can usually use: a large eye shadow brush, a small eye shadow brush, and a smudge brush.The big eye shadow brush is the shadow with the real fundamental tone in the crease of double eyelid. The small MHLAN eye shadow brush can accentuate the end of the eye, and the dizzy brush can make the bottom of the eye socket and the dizzy edge. These three types of eye shadow brush can basically solve one eye makeup.

Eyeshadow makeup brushes should also be cleaned regularly to avoid mixing colors between different eye makeup.The cleanness way that eye shadow makeup brushes is to beat a circle in palm likewise, the yu Powder in eye shadow brush is cleaned clean, but do not rub it too forcibly.


MHLAN Powder makeup brush

Loose paint to choose a dense soft bristles, so that the powder will be more and not stick in the face, loose paint use experience is very obvious, soft bristles and hard bristles touch experience is completely different, to choose well. Dip in when using take loose powder, do not be anxious to sweep on the face, such likelihood can go up good bottom makeup is destroyed, should press pink gently on the face, sweep of again large area whole face, can sweep powder to go up already also can assure whole face is complete makeup.

When cleaning, do not open the bristles, do not soak in water, in the palm of the hand after the cleaning agent circle, rinse with water, until there is no powder can be.

MHLAN Contour makeup brushes

It is recommended to use bevel brush for both nose and cheek. Bevel brush has a better effect and is easier to use. When using a contouring brush, make sure that the first brush is placed on the outside and the inside, because the most amount of powder on the brush will make the first brush more heavy.

Nose trim, extending from the eye socket to both sides of the nose, will be a bit more mountain root trim will make the nose more straight, but not too heavy, gently add two strokes on both sides of the nose can have the effect of narrowing the nose, can show the nose more delicate.

The most obvious place to the face is zygomatic lower part, from cheek lateral side to inside dizzy catch extends to jawline again, forehead hairline also modifies slightly, on the vision can reduce the face a circle, not exaggerated at all.

The cleaning method of contouring brush is the same as above, what want to remember however is brush do not rub forcibly, do not soak with water, after cleaning, shake off the water, drying naturally.

Eyebrow makeup brush

There are  two kinds of eyebrow makeup brushes, one is spiral eyebrow brush, the other one is bevel eyebrow brush. Bevel eyebrow brush is used to draw eyebrow shape, suitable for use with eyebrow powder, spiral eyebrow brush is used to arrange eyebrows, as well as dizzy light brow, spiral eyebrow brush is the necessary to draw eyebrows, use it to brush light eyebrows, the overall eyebrow shape will be very good-looking natural.

It can be held in the center of the hand where the detergent is poured and then rotated to make it cleaner.

Mhlan Lip Makeup Brush

The great thing about a lip makeup brush is that you can outline your lips in exactly the way you want them to look. You can also mix and match colors.

Lip makeup brush should be clean often, when cleaning, along the direction of the brush in the palm friction, to avoid residual color, after cleaning can be pressed with paper towel, and then natural air.

Make up brush must choose to use feeling good, soft brush hair is used on the face will be very comfortable, small items can also increase the happiness of life. Finally, be sure to wash makeup brushes often, after all, is used on their own face things, be sure to ensure their cleanliness.

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