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8 biggest popular makeup for Christmas

8 biggest popular makeup for Christmas


All the MHLAN team here in China, would like to say thank you for the partnership that we created during this years.

We appreciate working or expect to cooperae with you and hope that the holidays and the coming year will bring you happiness and success.

Attached 8 biggest popular makeup for Christmas

                                                                                                                                               1.Exaggerated Eye Shapes 


                                                                                                                                                         2.Pops of Blue

                                                                                                                                                         3. White Eyeliner


        4.Colorful Eyeliner


            5.Softly Illuminated Complexions

     6. Makeup-Skincare Hybrids


                                                                                                                                                          7.Sheer Makeup



 8. Sustainable Beauty

A perfect eye makeup brush set can help you get twofold results with half the effort. Let's have a look at this:      

These are eye brush set


                              1 eye blending brush  

                           1 eye fan brush 

                           1 eye winger brush

                           1 lip & eye quality liner brush

                           1 lip& eye precision liner brush

Eye blending brush
you can use it for blending and application of eyeshadow on eyelids and creases, along the nose and around eyes for contouring. It’s great for any area that needs a little smudge as well. Eye Blender Brush is the ultra-durable all around‘go to' for full face use.

Eye fan brush
you can apply and blend eyeshadow, contour eyelids and creases as well as contour the nose and nostril area. It’s a great all around tool for contouring in general for high level definition. This brush’s versatility finds its use from the neckline up! If you want the perfect eyeshadow shape and love to play with nose lengths with contour, the eye fan brush is your‘hard to imagine without’ surprise.

Eye winger brush
you can use it for blending and application of eyeshadow, eyelids and creases, along the nose and around eyes for contouring. It’s design allows you a winged flick up and out easily with an anchored wrist. The MHLAN Eye Winger is the‘Smokey Wing'  brush that becomes an instant work horse in your brush kit.

Lip & eye quality liner brush
you can apply eyeshadow, smoothly transition colors and smoothly swipe up in the eyelids, use for brows as you’ll find its application most appealing, and by far a great main brush for those who want to perfect their lips with the perfect gloss. If you want a solid main workhorse for laying up the detail in the eyes and lips, the MHLAN Lip and Eye Duality Liner is a solid go to.


Lip& eye precision liner brush
you can draw brow lines and brow hair, create the perfect winged eyeliner, perfect your eyelash detail at the base and shape your lips lines towards absolute perfection. It’s also a great tool for special effects makeup and more elaborate makeup art. If you want to take your makeup detail to “flawless” the MHLAN Lip and Eye Precision Liner is essential.


  1. Wet the brush fibers with lukewarm water.

  2. Place a drop of makeup brush cleanser or soap into the palm of your hand or cleansing pad/mat.

  3. Gently massage the tips of the fibers in your palm or cleansing pad/mat.

  4. Rinse the fibers.

  5. Squeeze out excess moisture with a clean towel.

  6. Reshape the brush head to its original shape.

  7. Allow to air dry flat or pointed downwards so no water residue slips back into the ferrule.

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