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What are the different parts of a makeup brush?

What are the different parts of a makeup brush?


A makeup brush is made up of three parts: bristles, handle and the ferrule that connects the two. Handles are most often made of wood, plastic or resin. The ferrule is almost always made of metal, aluminum, copper.

1. Soft Dense Synthetic Hair

Premium Synthetic Bristles provide you an incredible touch and feel, ultra soft and no shedding,give you a silky touch on the skin

2. Crafted Durable Handle

High Quality Wood Handle are durable and no scratch,no fade,finely polished and painted, ensures for a long time use

3. Aluminum tube

Using thick aluminum material, wear-resistant and not easy to deform.

Matte color paint, repeated spraying more than 7 times to make the color delicate and even

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