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How often should makeup brushes be replaced?

How often should makeup brushes be replaced?


How long can a set of makeup brushes be used as long as the maintenance of the situation and the frequency of daily use, normally, as long as the proper maintenance of a set of makeup brush to use two to three years or so is no problem. But the quality of the makeup brushes itself is also a certain difference, relatively speaking, the animal hair makeup brush can be used for a long time than the synthetic hair makeup brushes.


Can a new makeup brushes be washed frequently?
If you just bought a brush, make sure you rinse it once before using it. New makeup brushes because of
handmade reasons, there may be a small amount of hair is not be removed, wash a few times to be able to remove these redundant hair. Pay attention to when cleaning the action should be gentle, wash along with the direction of the bristles.

How often should you replace your makeup brushes?

Makeup brushes do not have a clear shelf life. Clean them regularly to keep the brush head clean and last for a long time. The price of a makeup brush is not cheap, so the quality is relatively strong. It is suggested to replace the makeup brush in half a year. Makeup brush is made to help with makeup. When using powdery beauty products, you can't touch them directly with your hands to makeup. This time you need some styles makeup brushes to make up. The most basic set has 6 brushes, including powder brush, concealer brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush, eyebrow brush, lip brush, foundation brush and face contour brush.

Makeup brush touch skin every day,  it will dirty for long-term use of brush head, not only easy to touch dirt, there's also the potential for bacteria to grow inside the bristles,with such a makeup brush head is likely to cause facial skin problems, so the makeup brushes must regularly, diligent to clean, use of time is too long to do replacement. When cleaning the makeup brush, you need to use makeup remover. Pour out the right amount of makeup lotion in the container, and let the brush head be fully stained with makeup remover, after dissolving the makeup powder stuck on the brush head.

Pour natural shampoo into a container and stir the water to allow the shampoo to bubble. Rinse the makeup brush in bubble water, gently rubbing the brush with your hands until the stains have come out. Finally, wash color makeup brush repeatedly with clear water, until brush head no longer has bubble, then with paper towel adsorption the water stains that remain the brush head, makeup brushes to be put in the cool place air to dry after partly dry and put into use.

How often do you wash your makeup brushes?
It is recommended to
wash the makeup brush at least once a month or so when using the makeup brush. If the frequency of the use of the makeup brush is very high, it is recommended to clean the makeup brush once a week. Otherwise, there will be more cosmetics residual on the surface of the makeup brush, resulting in the breeding of bacteria. There will be more dust on the surface of the makeup brush, the dust for the damage and irritation of the skin pores are relatively large, so be sure to clean the makeup brush in time, if the makeup brush has mildew, then be sure to clean and replace in time, to avoid serious damage to the skin.

How do I wash my makeup brushes?
washing the makeup brush, we should choose a special makeup tool cleanser . This cleanser can not only thoroughly clean the residual cosmetic ingredients and dust in the makeup brush, but also reduce the damage to the makeup tool to a minimum. After pouring the cleanser in water, soak the makeup brush in the bristles and wait for the cleanser to wash the residual cosmetics out of the brush. After washing with clean water, wipe the moisture on the surface with a napkin. After that, put all the makeup brushes in a dry and ventilated environment and dry in the shade.

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