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Is it better to use a makeup sponge or a makeup brush?

Is it better to use a makeup sponge or a makeup brush?


Is it better to use a sponge or a makeup brush?

There are three differences between the makeup brush and the beauty sponge, which are the different use methods, different use effects and different prices. For example, in the a use of techniques, the makeup brush does not need to be soaked, while the beauty sponge needs to be wet first; In the use of the effect, makeup brush can hide all pores, but the need for makeup experience, and beauty sponge is suitable for anyone; In terms of price, the beauty sponge is cheaper than the makeup brush.


The difference between a makeup brush and beauty sponge

1.Different methods of use:

The difference methods of use between makeup brush and beauty sponge, and you do not need wet brushes , put the powder and blush to the face, then you can use makeup brush, but if you are not good at makeup, there will be powder mark, your make up look imperfect. You need to wet the sponge before using it, and then squeeze the makeup onto the beauty sponge before applying it to your face.


2.The use of different effects:

The effect of the makeup brush in use is also different from that of the beauty blenders. If used well, it can make the pores completely hidden, but it is easy to cause some cosmetics to enter the pores. Beauty sponge allows makeup to be applied more evenly on the face, so it's good for everyday makeup, and it requires less makeup techniques, so more people use it.


3.The price is different:

Under normal circumstances, makeup brush is more expensive than makeup sponges, makeup brush is generally hundreds to thousands of dollars, there are some relatively big brand makeup brush is more than thousands of dollars, and expensive than some cosmetics itself. The price of beauty sponges is usually tens of dollars, even the big brand beauty sponges are not too expensive, of course, the makeup brush and beauty sponges are completely different in shape.


Makeup brushes or beauty sponges?


For different people, makeup brushes and beauty sponges work different

Brushes and beauty sponges work differently for different people,because of different habit, normally professional makeup artist love to use makeup brush, while to consumer, beauty sponges may good for use, so do not think it is perfect to choose makeup brush, if you are not good at to use it even works worse.


How often we wash makeup brush and beauty sponge?


Both makeup brushes and makeup eggs need to be cleaned in a timely manner to avoid bacteria breeding on them and affecting the health of the skin.

How do we clean makeup brush? Choose water or dry cleaning, but try to use dry cleaning.


How do we clean makeup brushes?


First mix the makeup brush with warm water and detergent, then put the brush head in water to soak, do not put the handle in water, then shake the brush to clean the brush, after washing with a towel to squeeze the water on the brush, and then put in a cool place to dry.


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