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What brush is used for eyebrows?

What brush is used for eyebrows?


Beautiful eyebrow shape is very beautiful, it appears that people have spirit, but do not know how to use the eyebrow brush, is it more embarrassing, let me teach you how to use the eyebrow brush:


Bevel eyebrow brush: It can draw fine eyebrow shape, divided into hard eyebrow brush and soft eyebrow brush two. Soft bristles are used to soak in powdered brow makeup. You can also spray the bristles wet and apply eyeliner. The stiff eyebrow brush is used for dipping waxy brow makeup, making the eyebrows clear and natural. Oblique brow brushes are commonly found in eyebrow powder boxes and are used with eyebrow powder. The main purpose is to fill the color, of course, can also achieve the effect of halo. And some people will use an eyebrow brush to draw eyebrows, generally need eyebrow cream (not eyebrow dye cream), with an oblique head to draw out the eyebrow texture, the average person is not able to reach this level. Personal or more like, but belongs to unskilled party, personal do not recommend novice use.


Spiral eyebrow brush: A spiral eyebrow brush can be used to remove excess powder from your eyebrows and to remove clumps from your eyelashes. It is used to dye the color to even out the color, and if it is an oblique brow brush, it is used to fill the brow powder. The spiral eyebrow brush is actually very common, similar in appearance to the mascara brush. A spiral eyebrow brush should be used with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow dye. If you are using an eyebrow pencil, then you need to outline the eyebrow first, then use the eyebrow pencil to fill in the middle and end of the eyebrow, and then use the eyebrow brush from the middle to the direction of the brow, pay attention to the single direction, do not brush back and forth, to avoid the brush thick eyebrows. If you are using an eyebrow dye, apply a small amount to your brows and then use an eyebrow brush to create a natural look.


Hard eyebrow brush: can straighten out the trend of eyebrows, make the messy growth of eyebrows fit smoothly. The technique is to comb from the brow to the end of the eyebrow. Soft eyebrow brush is usually used to dip eyebrow powder, but also can sweep away excess eyebrow powder, so that the eyebrow color dizzy and dyed naturally.


Matters need attention

Both spiral and angled eyebrow brushes need to be cleaned after use. After cleaning, you need to find a ventilated place to dry, and be careful not to put it in the sun. I hope my share can help you beauty.

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