travel makeup brushes factories qualified for exports
Many Chinese makeup brushes manufacturers have obtained export licenses which allow the goods to be cleared through China Customs. This is a big change compared to that in 1997. The manufacturers who lack export licenses tend to be smaller manufacturers who act as specialized subcontractors. They only focus on making a certain kind of material, component or processing for a larger- and more export oriented - manufacturer. You are expected to work with manufacturers who have export licenses or trading companies who partner with manufacturers in the long run.

Dongguan MHLAN makeup tool co.,ltd is a fast-growing company of manufacturing high-quality high quality makeup brushes. We stand out among many competitors based on years of extensive experience. The face mask brush series is one of the main products of MHLAN Makeup Tool. This product comes with the advantage of durability. Only the best and finest of materials, as well as the great workmanship for the stitching, are used to make this product. The product covers all sizes and shapes of brushes to carve and sculpt the face. The product has the most significant advantage of the elimination of replacing bulbs. Unlike the traditional lamps, it can greatly help users save cost in maintenance and changing of bulbs. The brush of this product is not prone to shed or break.

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