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What are good makeup brushes?

What are good makeup brushes?


What are good makeup brushes?

The bristles of makeup brushes are made out of natural and synthetic material.

Natural hair makeup brush

There are hair cuticle for natural hair,so it is very soft for the hair quality,very porous they pick up more pigments and distributes them evenly, and do not stimulate skin.In general, animal hair is the best material for makeup bristles.

Synthetic hair makeup brushes

According to the hair peak, it is divided into sharpened fiber and non-sharpened fiber. Synthetic bristles are often used with liquid and cream products, as they tend to blend out products more easily and will not absorb product as much as a natural bristle brush

In addition to the difference in bristle material, the brush head of the professional brush also uses different sizes and shapes according to the different parts of the makeup, presenting a variety of curved, pointed inclined mouth or flat mouth brush head shape. Brush head line, radian is smooth, will affect the effect of makeup, so the shape of the brush head is also an important factor affecting the effect of makeup.

Want a perfect makeup, maybe you need a proper makeup brushes.

The secret to choose a good makeup brushes:

◆ The bristles should feel soft and smooth, and the structure should be firm and full.

◆ Hold the bristles between your fingers and comb gently down to check whether the bristles are easy to fall off.

◆ Gently press the brush on the back of the hand, draw a semicircle shape, check whether the bristles are neatly cut.

◆ Blow the bristles with hot air to distinguish the species: keep the original state as animal hair, the hair becomes curly is man-made fiber.

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