Background introduction of makeup brush components of makeup brush manufacturers

by:MHLAN     2021-09-30
Today, our makeup brush manufacturer will introduce you a background introduction of makeup brush components. TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to a cosmetic brush assembly, in particular to a cosmetic brush assembly. The bristles of the brush unit are designed to be convex. When the button at the other end of the assembly is pressed, the bristles protrude or protrude from the rear of the assembly. Retract the back of the assembly to respond to the action. Background Art When applying makeup on a person's face, different makeup brushes, such as powder brushes and fan-shaped pens, are specially used to apply liquid or powder makeup on the face. Such brushes are composed of soft and sensitive bristles, which may be easily damaged. Therefore, the brush must be used and stored carefully. Committed to protecting the bristles of such soft and sensitive makeup brushes from being damaged, people have developed pencil-style makeup brushes and are widely used. The existing pencil-type cosmetic brush includes bristles attached to the end of a rod-shaped handle, and a cap covering the end of the handle to protect the bristles. When the pencil-style makeup brush is not in use, this cap is placed on the bristles attached to the end of the handle to protect the bristles. When it is necessary to use a pencil-style makeup brush to apply makeup on a person's face, the cap is removed from the end of the handle to expose the bristles. In this case, the removed cap can be put on the other end of the handle and used as a part of the handle when applying makeup on the face. However, there are many problems with such pencil-style makeup brushes. Every time the user wants to use the brush, the cap must be repeatedly removed from the handle, and repeated improperly removing the cap from the handle causes the connecting part of the cap and the handle to be worn out. And deform, so the connection part becomes loose. In this case, when the brush is stored, it can easily fall off the handle. Therefore, the cap cannot be covered on the bristles of the handle, so that the soft and sensitive bristles are exposed to the outside and are not placed around the brush. Severe damage caused by contact with suitable cosmetics. In addition, every time a user wants to use such a pencil-style makeup brush, he/she must remove the cap from the handle of the brush to expose the bristles. When using this brush to apply makeup on his/her face, take this The lower cap is placed on the rear end of the handle or placed separately. Therefore, this pencil-type makeup brush is very inconvenient for users.
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