Design - fujian cheek is red brush MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-10-01
Pay attention to the brush and the joint of pipeline. 2, empty out cleaner, cheek red brush make makeup effect nature is not affected, and relatively save the amount of powder. Powder paint is in use, can gently dab powder, after redundant float pink filter out, in the calm makeup on the face, gently. Finally, by a pen a pen will face down on the excess powder paint in addition to the lip brush lip brush can easily will be remaining lipstick use light lipstick tube, if there is no labial line pen, can also be used to map lip line; If you have some lipstick, can with the help of a lip brush out a new color, wipe your palm. Let the brush round to absorb and friction, until the rest of the powder are cleared. ( You can find a container put in cleaning, be careful not to put too much water. ) 3, brush the dirty water out, using your fingertips until there is no residual traces of cosmetics, and then rinse with water. 4, with a clean paper towel to wipe brush, look to whether have residual powder makeup lip brush head is flat, cheek is red brush makeup brush is not as soft as possible, not stop, force, the better. Must be hard to coloring, such as eyebrow brush brush brush weak need to stop, don't monkey butt. Son under the warm water wash brush bristles to avoid water to handle at the bottom of the metal buckle, otherwise it may damage the bristles glue stick together. Flush until the flush out most clinging cosmetics. Eyes of commonly used modification brush is mainly used to modify the eye contour, adjust the eye shape the main set of brush tools. Made from lip brush with top yellow Wolf tail hair, more precise outline of lip, let double lip colour more full uniform, build a three-dimensional contour. A good makeup cheek is red brush brush can make the cheeks pink is tender nature, natural high quality foot a round white tip pure wool handmade brush head is easily the best choice of the natural look. Cheek is red brush touch soft and delicate, the brush dips in adequate light dump, cheek is red powder was for foundation brush, the most important thing is to choose the brush hair is neat, cheek is red brush 2. Makeup brush wooden handle is expected to open in same makeup brush wooden handle general together with the batch cutting, cutting machine set related tool size, spacing, can one-time quickly with wooden handle. Our lang yan existing diameter, length, form different makeup brush handles are done in this section. 3. Primer on makeup brush wooden handle ( The first line of paint) Wooden makeup brush paint handle - there will be two ways Stir in paint and soaked lacquer. One on the first line of paint for mixing the paint, brush head with a certain slope. It is not only improves the ability of local block defect, and it can consider the cheekbones. Method of use: use a foundation brush dips in proper amount of foundation or dip in the hand and take a suitable amount of liquid foundation, dots at the forehead, chin, cheeks. ( Especially the defective blain to imprint stacks in thick) Brush with powdery bottom, and then gently brushing aside. If the stress
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